Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 16


Holland @ Nova – tough matchup to trust either

Buchholz @ Tillman

Liriano @ Laffey – flip the coin and go for the favorable matchup

Straily @ Hochevar

Price @ Haren – Haren’s not an automatic, though

Blanton @ Burnett

Harvey @ Bailey – tough matchup for Harvey; Homer’s home/away splits say ditch

Marquis @ Medlen

Lee @ Estrada

Cahill @ Lohse

Nolasco @ White


What do you thnk about dropping to pick up Jaime Garcia? My other options are Aceves(I just picked up Bailey & have Kimbrell, Chapman, & Clippard), Fiers, or Smardijza. I’m leaning towards Dempster for now then dropping Aceves later, when and if bailey takes over closer role, for PoD spot.

Thanks as always,
Josh A

Yeah that’s supposed to say “…think about dropping Dempster to pick up Jaime Garcia…”



I don’t really have a problem with that…and definitely hold onto Aceves for now, like you said.


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