Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 17


Hunter @ Verlander

Morales @ Hughes – Hughes has been awful over his last couple of starts. Playing it safe.

Darvish @ Happ – Wouldn’t blame you for ditching Darvish here, but the K’s are nice!

Sale @ Mendoza

McAllister @ Milone – Looks like McAllister is back on track. Milone’s an automatic pitch at home.

Shields @ Weaver

Blackburn @ Iwakuma

J. Santana @ Detwiler – Taking a wait and see approach with Johan.

Wood @ Arroyo – Bronson cannot be trusted at home.

Capuano @ Hanson – Hanson far from a no-brainer though in first start back.

Miley @ Keuchel

Worley @ Gallardo

McDonald @ Westbrook – McDonald needs to be avoided right now. Will take a shot on Westbrook.

LeBlanc @ Francis

Cain @ Ohlendorf


Hey 411 !
Are we looking at a full blown Ankiel with McDonald right now, or do you think Tiger’s swing coach is working with him and will fix his release point? Kinda important to us owners right now. Thanks in advance for the insight.


McDonald is a bench but don’t cut guy right now. I haven’t completely given up on him but it’ll take a few consecutive solid performances before I’d feel comfortable starting him again.


Thanks Zach. I guess I’m leaning the same way since the waiver wire is looking putrid. I was considering Brandon Morrow who is sitting there, tantalizing me because I know he’s coming off the DL in a week. Decisions, decisions.

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