Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 18-20



Lester @ Phelps – Lester too risky.

Oswalt @ Villanueva – Oswalt filling in for Dempster.

S. Johnson @ Porcello

Peavy @ B. Chen

Cobb @ Wilson

Kluber @ Colon – Bartolo’s been great at home and his post-All-Star break ERA is 2.93.

Diamond @ Vargas

Samardzija @ Cueto (Gm 1 of doubleheader) – Samardzija’s on a roll and he dominated the Reds in his only other start at Great American Ballpark this year.

Bedard @ Lynn – Bedard way too erratic to trust vs. top offense in NL.

Corbin @ Lyles

Niese @ Jackson

Harang @ Sheets – Braves’ lineup is solid, so I’d be hesitant to pitch Harang.

Hamels @ Fiers – Fiers got roughed up at Coors but I’ll give him another chance.

Raley @ TBD (CIN) (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Eovaldi @ Chatwood

Zito @ Stults – I like the matchup for both.


Beckett @ Kuroda – Beckett is an automatic ditch until further notice.

W. Chen @ Fister – Is Chen up for the challenge? I think so.

Harrison@ Alvarez – Blue Jays are all of a sudden not a very scary offense.

Quintana @ Guthrie – Quintana’s last two starts have been very good.

Moore @ Greinke

Masterson @ Parker – Masterson’s been an enigma but you’ve got to like this matchup.

Deduno @ Beavan – Deduno has four quality starts in his last five outings and the Mariners can’t hit at Safeco. In deeper leagues, Beavan is worth a shot at home.

Volstad @ Latos

Billingsley @ Minor – Billingsley always a roll of the dice but he’s coming off a gem.

Hefner @ G. Gonzalez

Kennedy @ Galarraga

Kendrick @ Wolf

Karstens @ J. Garcia – Passing on Garcia in his first start back. Let him shake off the rust.

J. Johnson @ Pomeranz

Vogelsong @ Richard


F. Garcia @ Floyd – This could be a slugfest.

Smith @ Hellickson

M. Gonzalez @ Feldman – We like Gonzalez, but not this much.

Duensing @ McCarthy

Jimenez @ Millwood – You know you’re DTM when you’re getting ditched @SEA.

Hudson @ Zimmermann

Leake @ Halladay – Leake not a bad play in deeper leagues but he’s let me down a number of times this year.

White @ Dickey

Germano @ Rogers

Buehrle @ Saunders – Saundo put up a CG SHO vs. the Marlins back in April. He’s a sneaky pickup in deeper leagues.

Bumgarner @ Kershaw

Correia @ Volquez – I’m way too frustrated with Edinson to recommend him, even in a seemingly favorable matchup.


Yo Zach-
I am considering taking advantage of Strasburg’s innings cap in a 12 team, 10-player keeper league. I thought about trading Longoria for him straight up. Is this too dangerous going into the playoffs, or will Todd Frazier suffice. I’ve been number one in hitting all season without Longoria, but I’m just wondering if Longoria/Frazier or Strasburg/Frazier will be more valueable to me next year. Your thoughts are much appreciated!


I’ll always take the hitter over the pitcher when it’s close, and Longoria’s injury woes over the past couple of years make this a very tough call when thinking about who I’d rather own in the coming years. But ultimately, I’ll take Longoria, and the fact that you’d probably be without Strasburg for the final half of September (playoff time) is the icing on the cake.


411, is it time to cut bait on Anibal Sanchez? I know it’s been a small sample size, but he has looked awful in the AL. I’m getting quite frustrated with him. Thanks for your help this year.


Yeah, as an Anibal owner myself, I’m very quickly losing patience with him. Looks like he’s having a lot of trouble adjusting to the AL. Still, I wouldn’t cut bait just yet. It’ll be interesting to see how he fares in his next start at home vs. the Jays, a lineup that has been ravaged by injuries. Let’s re-evaluate the situation after this outing. If you want to bench him, that’s fine, but it would be premature to flat out drop him.



What are your thoughts on this trade proposal? Give: Dan Haren, Get: Martin Prado and Lance Lynn. Right now I’m 7th out of 10 teams, and these are my rankings by categories: R=6th, HR=4th, RBI=5th, OBP=10th, SLG=6th, NSB=6th, K=5th, ERA=5th, WHIP=7th, K/BB=6th, QS=2nd, NSV=4th. What areas do I need to focus on to improve my team down the stretch? From the looks of it, I’m pretty much the same across the board which means that my whole team is performing inadequately. Any advice?



I’m OK with that trade. Haren to Lynn is at worst a wash at this point and Prado is a very useful player who can help you in AVG while chipping in some steals.


Dee Gorden is on the wire and i notice he will be off the DL soon, would he be better to have over my shortstops Alexei Ramirez or Manny Machado?


I’d definitely hold onto Machado but if you feel that by adding Gordon you can gain more points in SBs than you can lose in AVG, I’m fine with you picking him up for Alexei.


Help from anyone wanted,

I am a commish in a yahoo league and need to Vito a bloody ridiculous trade, which may give the better side the league head to head championship. How is this, Balfour, Worley, lucroy and morales for Jim johnson, dickey, posey and Pujols!

Asking anyone in the 411 universe,

G from OZ.

All good people’s! Bit a research and change a commish setting and league integrity is kept in check. Gotta love them people who keep dog days of August interesting!

G from Oz

I’m just a 411 reader, but you are right, the trade is bloody ridiculous! The teams seem like they are in cahoots to let the one win the championship. Bad sportsmanship

Bloody ridiculous it is. These are the types of deals that vetos are made for. I’d either boot those owners from the league next year or just leave the league!


hey I have Kipnis on my bench and starting ackley over him which has worked out well……should I hang onto Kipnis on my bench or would you drop him…I have OF’s but with Marte going to the DL may drop him….would you think Maybin might be ready to contribute as I could use another bench player with speed or even cain who I dropped a couple of weeks ago


Hold onto Kipnis. I’m still a fan and his elite early-season production is enough of a reason for me to be optimistic that a bounce back is coming. I still wouldn’t be surprised if he outperforms Ackley from this point forward in terms of across the board contributions.


After Garcia’s amazing start back, is it worth dropping Haren for him after 2 horrible starts and news of the Angels possibly moving to a 4 man rotation? Thanks.


Nah, call me conservative but I wouldn’t make that move yet, though I do like the idea of picking up Garcia for someone else if possible.


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