Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 21


Romero @ Scherzer

Big Erv @ Cook

Hochevar @ Price

Tillman @ Feldman

Nova @ Liriano – too hard to predict what either will do

De Vries @ Straily

R. Hernandez @ King Felix

Maholm @ Strasburg

Bailey @ Lee – Bailey is better on the road, but seems to have cooled in general of late

Chacin @ Young

Rusin @ Estrada – hang with ‘em on Estrada thanks to favorable home matchup

Harrell @ Wainwright – Harrell has earned it, no?

Nolasco @ Cahill

Burnett @ Marquis

Lincecum @ Blanton – anyone’s guess on Lincecum


Span, Jon Jay, Rajai Davis could you rank them?


Overall, I’d go Jay, Davis, Span. But if you have a particular need for speed, Davis would obviously be the top choice.


I think Anderson is getting the the start for Oakland so POD he’s shown the signs in his rehab and last year

Need a solid backend starter to fill out my rotation. J Garcia or J Samardja (cubs pitcher). You buying Garcias return?


Yeah, I am a Garcia fan and do think he deserves to be picked up in most 12-team mixed leagues. But Samardzija deserves a roster spot too, so it really comes down to the matchups. Garcia @CIN scares me a little so if you pick him up you might want to sit that one out. But ROS I do prefer Garcia over Samardzija in a close call.


I cna get Craig Kimbrel for a hitter, who would you give up I just traded Harper and diamond for Jones and Stubbs so I’m going to offer them to the person for Kimbrel and rodney he said he’ll accept the trade, how does it sound?

he just offered me Craig Kimbrel and I give up Adrian Gonzalez yes or no, my other first baseman is Goldschmidt


If you feel like you can gain significant ground in saves while benefiting from Kimbrel’s elite ERA/WHIP production, sure, I’m OK with that. Goldschmidt is a quality replacement at 1B.


Who would you give up for both Craig Kimbrel and Kenley Janssen, Adrian Gonzalez or Curtis Granderson


Gonzalez, considering that you have Goldschmidt as a fallback 1B option.


Who would you rather keep for the rest of the season? Aybar or Hardy? (SS)


Aybar so long as you’re not desperate for power. Hardy can kill your AVG while Aybar is batting over .300 since the All-Star break. Hardy, on the other hand, is showing no signs of snapping out of his season-long funk and has only four homers since the break.


Need steals and RBIs most at MI. Who do I trot out more often: Desmond or Walker?


Desmond. On a per-game basis, he’s outproducing Walker in almost every category.


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