Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 22


Mendoza @ Shields – Mendoza worth a look in deeper/unmixed leagues
Hendriks @ Milone
McAllister @ Iwakuma – Iwakuma 3.19 ERA in 8 starts for Seattle
Laffey @ An. Sanchez – favorable matchup for Anibal to rebound
Weaver @ Buchholz
Hunter @ Holland
Hughes @ Sale – those protecting ratios should bench Hughes, though
Wood @ Gallardo
Turner @ Miley  (Gm 1 of doubleheader)
LeBlanc @ Skaggs  (Gm 2 of doubleheader)
McDonald @ TBD (SD)
Medlen @ Detwiler
Arroyo @ Worley – both are risk/reward
Francis @ Harvey
Norris @ Lohse – bench but don’t cut Norris vs. high-scoring Cards
Cain @ Capuano


I can add either James McDonald vs. SD or Kris Medlen versus WAS Who do I go with?


I prefer McDonald’s matchup and he bounced back nicely his last time out in a tough matchup @STL.



In the playoffs, but see today Doug Fister is DTD. Do you think he makes his next start or is it better to ditch and pickup either Jake Westbrook, Tommy Hanson, Jonathon Niese,Jaime Garcia, Jason Vargas,or Philip Hughes? I am leaning on Westbrook on Thuirsday then that leaves me Friday Saturday and Sunday to rotate another pitcher. What do you think?


Yeah, in a league with so many quality waiver wire options, there’s little downside in dropping Fister, even if he does make his next start. I do like Westbrook’s matchup vs. HOU but Niese vs. COL is awfully tempting too. I’d go with Niese…higher K upside.


is Rasmus droppable, dont remember the last time he had a hit…..what do you think of everth cabrera as a fill in gap for Asdrubal if needed as he has speed and perfect in steals


In a 12-team mixed league, I wouldn’t drop Rasmus. But it depends on how the rest of your roster is constructed. As for Everth, he’s basically a one-trick pony, so as long as you’re not desperate for steals I don’t see any reason to replace Asdrubal for him. Asdrubal is simply the better all-around fantasy player.


Would you consider adding a confidence rating next season. Many times over half of your pitches are available in my league. A confidence rating/ranking of your pitch suggestions would be helpful

Who should I give up for Kimbrel and Kenley Jansen, Adrian Gonzalez or Curtis Granderson?


Just answered your question under the previous post.


My bad I didn’t see it

That’s OK:-) You posted this Q before I answered it on the other post!

Safe to drop ubaldo for Tyler coLvin right


Yeah, Ubaldo’s been such a headache to own this year. You’re better off just not having to deal with him.


Thanks probly shouldnt hav stuck with him this long any way

Should i drop C. Medlen for Angel Pagan, i notice Medlen is on a pitch count and Pagan is tearing it up. Good idea or Bad?


Depends on your roster and whether Pagan’s SBs can really help you, but all things equal Pagan’s the safer choice and simply the more valuable fantasy player overall.


Hey Zach,
My rotation in a 10 team, H2H, mixed league with 40 max moves (I’ve made 25 already): Josh Johnson, Doug Fister, AJ Burnett, Jonathan Niese, Johnny Cueto, Shawn Marcum (DL), and Brandon Morrow (DL). Brett Anderson and Jason Vargas are still available.
1.) Drop any pitchers to pick up one of the available or stand pat?
2.) Drop Mike Aviles, who is my backup? He backs up Adrubel Cabrera at SS and I hardly ever play him.
Rich D.


Choice #2 without question. I doubt Anderson will be available for much longer but I couldn’t bring myself to drop one of your current SPs.


I think my hesitation stems from worrying about not having enough offensive players down the stretch when players get rested. Cabrera, however, seems to play every day and I can definitely afford to give up Aviles’ poor AVG/OBP. I do need to bolster my pitching though.

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