Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 23


Happ @ Verlander

Wilson @ Morales – OK to bench Wilson if protecting the ratios

TBD (OAK) @ Cobb – nice season for Colon comes to a sad ending

Diamond @ Darvish

Chatwood @ J. Santana – start Johan (if he pitches) only if chasing counting stats

Keuchel @ Westbrook

Cueto @ Hamels – game of the night!

Hanson @ Zito


Thanks for the help you have been $money$ all week. First Marco Estrada, now Tommy Millone. Going with Westbrook Thursday. BTW, I get alot of heat for streaming pitchers in a league that allows 8 moves per week. My opponents have the same option, but rarely do it. Am I in the wrong here? I’d appreciate your thoughts.


You’re not in the wrong! It’s within the rules for everyone and is a legitimate strategy.


whats your take on Maybins play of lately and is he worth a pick up…..I could use a little more speed as Im trying to win this week to clinch my division….only real option I have for OF drop would be Rasmus and I have Marte(Pitt) on DL my other outfielders are Jennings/BJ/ Reddick/ Werth/ Fowler and Craig(OF/1B)


I don’t have a problem with you dropping Rasmus to pick up Maybin if you feel that speed is a real area of need.


Who does this trade benefit more, I get Pedro Alvarez and give up J.J. Putz. My closers are Kimbrel Kenley Jansen Frieri and Papelbon

Escobar hands down

Sorry replied to the wrong message take Escobar hands down


All things equal I’d rather have Putz, but this is a need based trade and considering that you’re crazy deep at closer I’m OK with it if you’re lacking some power. I might try to get a better return for Putz though.


Who would you add for J.J. Hardy or don’t add them Alcides Escobar or Alexi Ramirez? Or should I do neither?


Escobar is the guy to pick up here, particularly if you’re lacking speed.


also regarding earlier question for OF Noki and Jay are available…..would you consider dropping Fister for Dempster/ Voglesong/ Vargas or westbrook?


Fister is hurt again and could be headed back to the DL, so dropping him is fine. As for who to pick up, play the matchups. All of those guys are quality options in general.


Got a strasburg question. I’m going to make the playoffs. With him not playing the new 2-3 starts, should I just dump him? Not a keeper league, I have lynn, detwielder, leblanc and lohse as my other starters.


Definitely not! Hold onto him. I still think he’ll give you some value from here on out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nats extend the innings limit to about 180, which would give him around five more starts. Dropping him for nothing doesn’t make any sense right now. A lot of risk and not much reward.


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