Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 24


Greinke @ Porcello – hang with ‘em

Sabathia @ Kluber

Villanueva @ Britton – Villanueva has been solid, roll with it

B. Chen @ Lester – OK NOW I’m back on the Lester bus!

Parker @ Moore

Deduno @ Harrison

Vargas @ Peavy – playing it safe with Vargas on the road

Pomeranz @ Samardzija

Fiers @ Wandy – Wandy is a toss-up, play the categories

Jackson @ Kendrick

Lyles @ Niese

Lynn @ Latos – Lynn is fading, and a very tough matchup

Stults @ Corbin

Eovaldi @ Billingsley

Sheets @ Vogelsong – hang with ‘em on Sheets


Plse rank best to worst for ROS : Corbin, Estrada, mcAllister, Harrell, Guthrie.

Thank you !


I’d go McAllister, Estrada, Guthrie, Harrell, Corbin. But these are all pitchers who are droppable depending on the matchup.


Help me please. Who do I drop with CC coming back? Corbin, Sheets, Kendrick, Guthrie, W. Chen, Straily or Holland? Or, alternatively, Scutaro, Dejesus, or Rutledge. Before you say Guthrie or Kendrick, just keep in mind Guthrie has had 22.2 straight scoreless innings and Kendrick has had 15.


If you don’t really need DeJesus or Rutledge and they’re just sitting on your bench, I think you can afford to drop either one of them. But if you want to drop a pitcher, I’ll say Kendrick. He’s been way too inconsistent this year and his overall K rate is nothing special. I prefer Guthrie as he’s on a roll since joining the Royals.


Would you drop McCann for Ruiz, Rosario, Ellis, Avila or McKenry?




Right to the point! Thanks for the feedback.

Hey Big Z, checking in again.

Firstly damn you Lester, performing like an ace again just after all your fantasy owners gave up and cut you.

Secondly a question about SPs being shut down. Normally just play roto so this doesnt affect me too much, but im in a H2H this year and am wondering about them for the fantasy playoffs. Heard the guys referring to Gallardo being shut down past few years, heres my rotation, who outve these should I be aware that I might not have them for the fantasy playoffs:
Darvish, Gallardo, Niese, Latos, Corbin, M Moore, PoD spot (Skaggs).

Dont forget to tip this time man!🙂




Hey, listen to today’s podcast to find out exactly how much I tipped on Wednesday night!

As for the pitchers, I wouldn’t really expect any of them to be shut down. Maybe Moore, but the Rays are in the playoff hunt and probably couldn’t afford to do it.


You buyin Brett Anderson after that first start I’ve always liked this guy just want a second opinion if he’s reliable or not for the season cuz I have Strasberg and I’m looking to replace him wen he’s over I’ll pod tht stop but as far as production could Anderson help me out down the stetch


Yeah, I’m a big fan of Anderson. It’s rare to find a pitcher of his caliber on the waiver wire at this late stage of the season, so I’d absolutely pick him up.


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