Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 25-27



McCarthy @ Hellickson

Duensing @ Dempster – Nice matchup for Dempster.

Morrow @ W. Chen – I think I’d play it safe and sit Morrow in his first start back.

Kuroda @ Masterson

Haren @ Smyly – Two straight awful performances by Haren…I’m ditching.

Guthrie @ Beckett – Guthrie has terrible career numbers at Fenway and Beckett cannot be trusted vs. anyone.

Beavan @ Quintana – M’s offense is solid on the road but Quintana is hot.

White @ Raley

TBD (HOU) @ Dickey

J. Garcia @ Leake – Tough matchup for both, and Garcia’s been a lot better at home than on the road this year.

Minor @ Bumgarner – Minor’s back on track.

G. Gonzalez @ Halladay

Marcum @ Karstens – I like the matchup for Marcum, though I’d understand if you would prefer to ditch him in his return from the DL.

Richard @ Kennedy – Too dangerous of a road matchup for Richard.

Johnson @ Kershaw


F. Garcia @ Jimenez – I just don’t trust The Chief.

Big Erv @ Scherzer – Not liking this matchup for Erv.

Romero @ M. Gonzalez – I’ll give Gonzalez a shot.

Smith @ Cook

Millwood @ Floyd

De Vries @ Feldman – Feldman a worthy gamble in deeper leagues.

Wainwright @ Bailey – Homer cannot be trusted at home.

Harrell @ Hefner – Harrell’s matchup is a favorable one.

Zimmermann @ Lee

Rogers @ Bedard – Bedard’s a mess right now.

Chacin @ Volstad – Chacin’s matchup is favorable enough to give him a try.

Buehrle @ Harang

Volquez @ Saunders – Both are high risk/medium reward.

Hudson @ Lincecum


Hochevar @ Buchholz – Not a good spot for Hochevar.

Liriano @ Tillman – Liriano deserves the nod. Tillman’s a decent deeper league flier.

Anderson @ R. Hernandez

Laffey @ Phelps

Price @ Holland – Holland’s a real toss-up. Pitch if you’re chasing wins and K’s.

King Felix @ Hendriks

Lohse @ Burnett

Estrada @ Germano – Great matchup for Estrada.

Blanton @ Francis – Disaster alert for Blanton.

Arroyo @ Miley – Arroyo’s risky but he’s been excellent on the road this year.

Maholm @ Marquis


With Beckett changing from AL to NL west is it worth to pick him up?


Yes! Despite his struggles this year, Beckett should still be owned in all leagues.


Drop Lynn for Aybar & Francoeur for either Revere/Venable/Snider?


There’s no context to this question. Do you need a SS? Are you OK in starting pitching? But generally speaking, I’d lean towards hanging onto Lynn in a 12-team league. In a 10-teamer he’s probably expendable. As for Francoeur, I’m just not a fan of the guy. Honestly, I’d drop him for any hitter:-)


Sorry! Anyway, I’m alright in SP (which is why I’m thinking about dropping Lynn, plus I’m in a 10-teamer) And also. drop Ben Sheets (I have Napoli on my DL spot) & Ricky Romero for Jeff Samardzija & Tyler Clippard? My SPs would be Kershaw. Moore, Hellickson, McCarthy, A.J. Burnett to go with Jeff, & Hanrahan & Motte are my CPs. Sorry if my question is too long!

And yes, I’m fine in SS (Hardy, Machado) but I feel adding Aybar would add more flexibility to my team (Machado has 3B eligibility, plus I have Prado & Morse as IFs/OFs).


Yup, I’m fine with all of that. Makes sense.


Wow. I just looked at the available probable pitchers for tomorrow in one of my Yahoo leagues, and it just hammered home AGAIN how unreliable starting pitchers really are. The top 4 AVAILABLE were Haren, Beckett, JGarcia, Masterson. Coincidentally, all 411 ditches this weekend. Other big name disappointments this season include Cliff Lee, Jon Lester, and 411 fave Big Erv. Injury disappointments include Morrow, Holland, Halladay. Just to name a few. Folks, they just can’t be trusted. To win these leagues, you gotta have a LOT of luck with starting pitching. And I haven’t.

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