Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 28


Sale @ Tillman – I like Tillman but not for this one.

Milone @ McAllister – Even though he’s on the road, this is a good matchup for Milone.

Romero @ Hughes – Hughes’ last two outings have been exceptional.

Shields @ Darvish – Dangerous matchup for Shields but he’s on a roll. Darvish wearing down but he’s worth a shot for the K’s.

Verlander @ Mendoza

Iwakuma @ Diamond – Great matchup for the red-hot Iwakuma. M’s can hit on the road but I’ll pitch Diamond anyway.

Buchholz @ Weaver

Young @ Worley – I don’t trust either at this point.

Westbrook @ McDonald – Too scary of a matchup for McDonald.

Strasburg @ Nolasco – Nolasco is DTM.

Gallardo @ Wood

Cain @ Norris – Norris has a 2.18 ERA at home this year.

Capuano @ Chatwood

Cueto @ Miley

Medlen @ Werner – Nice matchup for Medlen!


Hisashi Iwakuma is on fire and its to bad he doesn’t have much run support with the M’s, would it be smart to drop him for Beckett that has the run support but gets hit more?


The way Iwakuma is pitching right now, I think you have to hold onto him. But I’d find another way to get Beckett on my roster. Despite his poor performance last night, I feel that the move back to the NL will only help him.


For keeper purposes (5 years), who do you prefer: Bautista ($20), Ellsbury ($16), or Longoria ($29)?


Longoria is simply too expensive considering his health issues over the past couple of years. Close call between Bautista and Ellsbury but I’d lean towards Bautista. I consider him less of a long-term injury risk, and $20 is a great price.


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