Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 29


Happ @ Sabathia

Axelrod @ Saunders – Not a great matchup for Saundo in his Orioles debut.

Blackley @ Kluber

Cobb @ Harrison – Harrison is hot.

An. Sanchez @ B. Chen

Vargas @ Deduno – Expect a bounce back from Vargas coming off rough outing @CWS.

Stewart @ Wilson

Blanton @ Pomeranz

Latos @ Corbin – Corbin might be turning back into a pumpkin.

Hanson @ Stults – Stults is 3-0 with a 2.43 ERA in August but I’m not loving this matchup.

Harvey @ Hamels

J. Kelly @ Wandy

Detwiler @ Turner – Turner a solid NL-only play though.

Fiers @ Samardzija – Both are risky but I’ll give it a shot.

Zito @ Keuchel – I love the matchup for Zito.


Any upcoming articles or suggestions on the Strasburg situation? I own him currently, and have made the playoffs in my league, and I’m in need of someone, anyone to fill his spot when he goes N/A that I’m maybe I’m not seeing right now. Thanks!


We haven’t heard anything definitive out of the Nats yet, so I wouldn’t panic about this too much. I have a feeling that they’ll just give him some extra days off and maybe he’ll be skipped a couple times. From this point forward, Strasburg will still give you more value than your typical waiver wire guy, so just enjoy what he does give you and go from there. If you need to pick up an extra SP in a couple of weeks, so be it.


What happened to Chris Davis of the Orioles. I can’t get an injury update from ANYWHERE and he hasn’t been in for the last 3 games. Any help would be appreciated


I couldn’t find anything either, but he was back in the lineup yesterday, so whatever it was is no longer an issue!


411, is it time to bench but not ditch AJ Burnett for a while? He hasn’t looked so good in his most recent starts and I think he’s getting that second half fatigue. One would assume he’s too good to drop, but the warning bells are starting to go off and I fear AJ’s stock is about to crash hard. What are your thoughts?


I’ve never been much of a fan of Burnett, and still view him as a guy who could blow up at any moment. Although I definitely wouldn’t drop him, I don’t think it’s a crazy idea to bench him for his next start, which will be @MIL. If he does well there, he’s a must-start for his next outing vs. CHC. I’d play it start to start with him right now.


Jason Hammel is coming off the DL soon. Is he worth keeping over AJ Burnett, Paul Maholm, Jon Niese, or Jason Vargas? (12 team league, no needs)
Jon from Texas


Yeah, I’d keep Hammel over Vargas, who has struggled mightily over his last two starts.


411, I am having real trouble in trusting CJ with my ERA and Whip which tied with four others in our Roto league. No win in a month and era over 8 which he has been killing all year. Close my eyes and roll him out there hoping for a quality start or box him and let him out for favorable match ups?



At this point, I don’t have a problem with you benching him for tough matchups until he can find some level of consistency.


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