Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 31


M. Gonzalez @ Kuroda

Dempster @ Jimenez – 1.93 ERA for Dempster over his last two starts.

Peavy @ Fister

Hellickson @ Morrow – Morrow shaky in return but I’ll give him another shot.

De Vries @ Smith

Cook @ McCarthy

Haren @ Millwood – If you can’t trust Haren here, there’s no point in owning him!

Bumgarner @ Volstad

Wainwright @ G. Gonzalez

Dickey @ Eovaldi

Halladay @ Minor – Minor has been outstanding since the All-Star break (2.45 ERA).

Leake @ Abad – Gotta love the matchup for Leake.

Karstens @ Rogers

Richard @ White – I got burned with my ditch on Richard @ARI but I’ll try this again at Coors.

Cahill @ Harang – Cahill has been inconsistent of late but he’s had success against the Dodgers this year (2.37 ERA in three starts).


Got offered Sandoval($13) and C.J. Willson($1) for my Bautista($20), pull the trigger right? (five year keeper)


I’d actually pass on this. $20 for Bautista is still a very good price and I’m really down on Sandoval right now. He’s having a disappointing year and his health/weight issues are getting irritating. And I don’t expect that to change in future seasons. Wilson for a buck is obviously great value but he’s no sure thing either, and you know how we feel about keeping starting pitching! Bautista is the best player in this trade and you’d only be saving six bucks anyway.


Hi Big Z, Tommy Hanson just got dropped in my league, at first I couldnt understand it but then I looked and he’s quietly been pretty terrible recently? Whats going on with the supposed ace of their staff, is he any more than POD material right now? Saying that he got knocked out early by the Padres, so not sure he is even that right now!

Definately another example to add to the 411 philosophy of ‘dont draft starters early’. The only SP I drafted early this year was Lester, then cut him just before his recent redemption…typical.



In a non-keeper league, I’m lukewarm on Hanson. He’s still a grad and probably deserves a roster spot, but would it be a big mistake to pass on him? Not really. If you’ve got the roster room, I’d pick him up just in case he catches fire. But if you don’t, that’s OK too.


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