Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 1-3



W. Chen @ F. Garcia – I like Chen but I’m afraid to pitch him vs. Yanks.

Niemann @ Alvarez – Playing it safe and ditching Niemann in his first start back.

Big Erv @ King Felix – Going with Erv in favorable matchup.

Feldman @ R. Hernandez – Feldman too erratic lately.

Liriano @ Scherzer – Liriano’s on a roll.

Hendriks @ Hochevar – Rolling the dice on Hochevar.

Doubront @ Anderson – Doubront has been terrible of late.

Lincecum @ Germano

Lee @ Hudson

Lohse @ Zimmermann

Bailey @ Harrell – Can’t trust Homer vs. anybody right now. Harrell at home = Pitch

Burnett @ Estrada – Giving A.J. another chance.

Hefner @ Johnson – Hefner a decent gamble in deeper leagues though.

Volquez @ Chacin

Skaggs @ Beckett


Tillman @ Phelps

Holland @ McAllister – I like the matchup for Holland.

Price @ Romero

Diamond @ Mendoza – Diamond struggling lately but I’ll pitch him here.

Matsuzaka @ Milone – Not buying into Dice-K just yet.

Weaver @ Iwakuma – Iwakuma is on fire.

Sale @ Verlander

Young @ Buehrle

Westbrook @ Strasburg

Arroyo @ Norris – Norris’ home ERA is 2.09

McDonald @ Gallardo – Is McDonald back on track?

Cain @ Wood

C. Kelly @ Francis – Kelly very impressive in MLB debut but this is Coors we’re talking about.

Miley @ Capuano

TBD (PHI) @ Maholm


Hughes @ Shields

Kluber @ An. Sanchez

Saunders @ Happ – This could be 2-1 or 9-8…more likely the latter.

Darvish @ B. Chen

Wilson @ Blackley – Can’t bench Wilson here.

Buchholz @ Vargas – Vargas has been lights out at home all year.

Deduno @ Axelrod

Samardzija @ Detwiler – Gotta roll with both.

Chatwood @ Medlen

Hamels @ Cueto – Nice!

Fiers @ Nolasco – Even a CG SHO doesn’t change my opinion on Nolasco.

Keuchel @ Wandy

McHugh @ J. Kelly

Corbin @ Zito – Corbin worth a shot if you’re chasing K’s. Zito’s back in my doghouse.

Werner @ Blanton – For this one start, I’ll pitch Blanton.


thoughts on Ian Kennedy ($1) for next year? Would you trade Latos ($10) for him in a keeper?

Kennedy for a $1 is a bargain. I own both Kennedy and Latos in my 10 team H2H league… their stats are comparable, and the NL West/Central aren’t exactly stacked with powerhouses. Just as long as you don’t expect Kennedy of 2011. Of course, I’m curious to see what Zach thinks also.


Yes, I do like that trade. It’s probably a bit of a downgrade but I’d gladly take it for the 9 extra bucks. And who knows, it might even turn out to be an upgrade.


Vogelsong and Holland for Pence Prado and Harrison? Pretty good at pitching, could use some hitting.

Alternatively, I could get minor instead of Harrison.


I love both deals. I prefer Harrison though. I think he’s a little safer than Minor.


Hey Zach!

As always thanks for your input…

Offering Todd Frazier for Stephen Strasburg in a 12-team keeper league. Your thoughts?

“…is anyone getting ripped off?” I should say. He needs 3B and has several good pitchers.


Yes, the guy trading away Strasburg is getting killed in this. Strasburg is arguably the most valuable SP keeper. A terrible deal for him.


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