Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 4


F. Garcia @ Cobb

Masterson @ Porcello – I’ve given up trying to make predictions on Masterson. Pass.

Britton @ Villanueva

Diamond @ Quintana – Quintana’s been inconsistent but he’s a decent start in deeper formats.

Harrison @ Guthrie – I’m expecting a bounce back from Harrison.

Greinke @ Parker

Lester @ Beavan – Great matchup for Lester.

Rusin @ Jackson

Lyles @ Wandy

Pomeranz @ Hanson

Kendrick @ Latos

Marcum @ Turner – Marcum a health risk but the matchup is favorable.

Harvey @ J. Garcia – Garcia’s ERA at home this year is 3.10. I’ll give him a shot.

Stults @ Kershaw

Kennedy @ Vogelsong


Can’t believe I think I need to release Uggla. Is he a bench player now?
ROS Rickie Weeks or Uggla?
Thanks, Guys


Gotta go with Weeks. Now that Uggla won’t be getting everyday AB’s, he’s a waiver wire guy in a 12-team mixed. I’d probably hold onto him in deeper leagues though.


Trade Holland and Vogelsong for Pence Prado and Harrison?

or alternatively, Minor instead of Harrison


Just answered this on the previous post.


No Go on Britton Huh?….even after 3 straight W’s and a 10-K performance last game!


Yeah, Cory might disagree with me on this as the Jays offense hasn’t performed well of late. But it is in Toronto and I just don’t trust Britton enough yet. Not a bad gamble, but personally I wouldn’t pitch him.


Hey Zach, 10T-H2H nolimt keeper; solid 1st pl team going for 3peat but weak SS so using FA plugs. Grabed Machado & Profar (Rangers says will play 2B,SS,3B). trying for elite future SS. Who do you think profiles better short, long, overall? I may have to drop one comes playoffs. Also, would you please rank & give insight on SP’s Kendrick, M.Gonzalez, Fiers, Corbin, Estrada, Esmil Rogers, Dan Straily, Trevor Bauer. Thanks Ring Kings


For the rest of this season I think Machado’s the better bet due to the playing time factor, but long-term I see more all-around upside in Profar. In a no limit keeper, I’d really try to keep both.

As for the pitchers, my top three would be Bauer, Straily and Estrada. I haven’t given up on Bauer and I think that his rocky first taste of the Majors will serve him well heading into the 2013 season. He still carries elite-level upside. I love the fact that control isn’t an issue for Straily, as he boasts an exceptional K/BB ratio. It’s rare to find a young pitcher who has great command of the strike zone. I’m very impressed by what Estrada is doing of late, and you gotta like those K’s!


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