Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 6


Phelps @ Hammel – play it safe on Hammel in his return

Feldman @ Hochevar

Chacin @ Hudson

Estrada @ Johnson

Germano @ Zimmermann – good matchup to hang with ‘em on Zim


Keeper dilema for next season. I get Granderson, Jim Johnson, Profar, Prado, and Mariano Rivera. 14 team mixed stander 5×5, can only keep 4 out of 5. I’m debating between Prado, Rivera, and Johnson. Prado’s value back up with his new 2b eligibility, Johnson having a killer season, and the sandman is the sandman. I’d like to keep both closers, but both are risky and I’m wondering your thoughts. Can Johnson sustain his produciton? obviously its not going to be a 40+ save season next year, but he’s been lights out this year. Mariano is Mariano, but do you think holding onto him is clutching straws hoping he heals properly from surgery? Thanks as always for the input.


That’s a tough one. How many are you allowed to keep total? I’m assuming it’s a large number. If I had to choose one of the closers for next year, it would be Rivera. I’d rather take the injury risk than the guy with far less closing experience. When it comes to closers, we simply see too much turnover from one year to the next. But honestly, I might just keep Prado and draft a closer early next spring.


Hey 411,
Got an offer, pull the trigger? (5 year keeper league)
Give: Bautista ($20), Laroche ($1), and Holland ($2)
Get: J Upton ($23)


Pass. Upton at $23 is a good price despite his struggles this year, but one can make a convincing argument that Bautista for $20 is a better price. AND you’re giving up LaRoche and Holland, who are both at great prices.


Thanks, lastly, I have one free agency dollar left, who do I spend it on, Grandal, Maybin, Cuddyer or, Fowler?

Well, Cuddyer might be done for the season, so he’s out. As for the rest, it really depends on your needs. If catcher is a need, go with Grandal. If speed is a particular need, go with Maybin. But overall, I like Fowler.


Hi, guys–
I’m starting to lose faith in Vogelsong but I’m not complaining since I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of a waiver wire pick up earlier in the year (he is like 35 and doesn’t strike out a ton of batters so it was great while it lasted haha).

Anyway, if I don’t earn a first round playoff bye this week, I will be playing in the first round of the playoffs in a head to head league next week. I’m thinking of dropping Vogelsong considering his recent struggles and the fact that he has a tough match up at Colorado on Monday.

Anyway, I am basically looking for your stamp of approval: is it a good idea to drop Vogelsong for Detwiler?



I’d have a hard time doing that but I rarely play in head-to-head leagues where the slate gets wiped clean come playoff time, so it’s probably a smart move. After all, Vogelsong was mediocre in his only other start at Coors this year.


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