2B and SS Rankings for 2013


Hi all,

On today’s podcast, we turned our focus to the second base and shortstop positions. Below you’ll find our preliminary top-10 rankings for 2013. And for good measure, we’ve included a few honorable mentions.

On Monday, we’ll cover catcher and outfield.

And feel free to comment on these rankings. We might even share some of your responses on Monday’s show!


                                                                                                                                                 SECOND BASE

1. Robinson Cano

2. Ian Kinsler

3. Dustin Pedroia

4. Brandon Phillips

5. Ben Zobrist

6. Jason Kipnis

7. Chase Utley

8. Jose Altuve

9. Aaron Hill

10. Neil Walker

 Honorable Mentions: Danny Espinosa, Howard Kendrick, Dan Uggla, Rickie Weeks


1. Hanley Ramirez

2. Jose Reyes

3. Troy Tulowitzki

4. Ian Desmond

5. Starlin Castro

6. Jimmy Rollins

7. Derek Jeter

8. Elvis Andrus

9. Asdrubal Cabrera

10. Alexei Ramirez

Honorable Mentions: Mike Aviles, Zack Cozart, Alcides Escobar, J.J. Hardy


All I have to say is, Aaron Hill 9th, really? I don;t think i need to recite his stats to validate my argument.

Where would Zobrist rank now that he has SS eligibility?


I’d probably put Zobrist at #6 behind Castro, though he might even disappoint from that spot. He hasn’t exactly met my preseason expectations this year when it comes to runs and RBIs. But the upside is certainly there.


Prado could qualify at SS next season. Where would he rank?

I know it is early, but with rankings coming out for next year I figured I would ask a keeper question.

10 team league, but we have double starting roster (2 of each position start).
We keep the 1st 4 rounds.
Mostly obvious top 3 are Kinsler, Wright, and Stanton.

i have kept C. Santana the last few years but think it may be time for a change. Other options are:
Ian Desmond
Cruz (Injury risk as always)
Youk (Injury risk as always)

Is Stanton enough of an injury risk to keep someone else? If so who?
and of course your thoughts on my 4th keeper?



Stanton is a must-keep, so I agree with your top-3. I wouldn’t let injury concerns get in the way. As for your 4th keeper, I think I’d go with Desmond due in large part to position scarcity. But Heyward is close behind. And Bourn might even be the safest pick. But with Kinsler and Wright, you already have a solid SB foundation, and Desmond would only add to that.


Recent development. Someone dropped Teixeira. Use #1 waiver to pick him up? Does he make an impact this year (over LaRouche, Dunn, Youk, Cruz in utility spot). Does he bump Desmond as the 4th keeper?

Last day of Fantasy playoffs is the last day of the season.

Tex is definitely worth a #1 waiver add at this point in the season when waiver order doesn’t matter all that much. But I’m not sure I’d start him over your current guys. I think you should still add him though and you’ve got the whole winter to think about Tex vs. Desmond. It’s a nice problem to have though.


We really have tulo at 3 I’m not questioning production but he can’t produce is he’s not playing and tht guy has never played a full season if I can remember correctly I like at 5 but that’s just me

Not even an honorable mention for Josh Rutledge?!? Major oversight.


Keep in mind that these rankings are geared towards 2013. They’re not entirely based on 2012 performance…just partially. So based on 50 career games, you’re going to draft Rutledge next year as a top-15 or so SS? Ahh, no!


I finally listened to the podcast for the 2b/ss rankings and this comment is for Sciano, after I got ripped (all in good fun I know). I would not draft Hill as the second 2b, but I would definitely draft him over Altuve Utley or Kipnis.

Let’s talk first about Aaron Hill, since he came to the D-Backs he has been amazing. Last year in 124 AB’s he posted .315 with 2 HR and 5 SB. We all know what he has done this year. The sun and fun of Arizona seems to agree with him.

Kipnis was amazing in the first half, but since then he’s posted a .217 AVG with 2 HR and 7 SB. I’ll take Hill and his uncertainty over Kipnis’ uncertainty, no doubt.

Altuve has been far less productive in the second half as well, has no pop and puts up no RBI’s. Not to mention in that putrid offense he has no chance of being a difference maker in Runs.

Utley has not had 500 AB’s since 2009, with every year decreasing. Sure maybe he gets back to form, but more likely not.

I personally would draft Hill over Zobrist, but I could see the argument for Zobrist. The other 3 guys, not even close.

So in closing, while I totally understand that you don’t fully draft a guy off of this years stats alone, to ignore them is foolish.

No respect for ruben tejada. Not even a honorable mention. Guy is a gold glove caliber defender and can hit with the best of them, and he’s only 22!


Solid AVG + no power + minimal speed = minimal fantasy value. Tejada might be worth taking in the last couple of rounds of a mixed league draft next year but he doesn’t belong near any top-10 list for the time being.


Also have a serious keeper league question. We get to keep three players for an unlimited period, five players for a max of three years as long as they were drafted after the fifth round for a total of 8 keepers. The problem is that I have (5) players of which I can only keep three due to recent league rules! Boooooo! Kinsler, Wright, Cutch, Holliday and King Felix. Who do you recommend keeping along with Cutch?


I was also thinking about trading Kinsler, Wright, Felix, and Holliday and targeting Headley, Kipnis, and Craig.



I think I’d go with Kinsler and Wright along with McCutchen. Holliday is getting up there in age and as much as I like Felix, making long-term commitments to starting pitchers, especially guys who have thrown so many innings in such a short period of time, is always risky. I like the idea of trading Felix to get one or more top-notch post-round 5 keepers like Headley, Kipnis, or Craig.


Zach, thanks for the detailed response! I just got offered Cargo for my first round pick. He is also a dynasty keeper which means I would have to cut Wright or Kinsler to accompany Cutch. Is he worth my 9th overall pick? I feel that Cargo is worth the pick because of how decimated the early rounds are due to keepers. Last years draft bookend went Uggla, Greinke so I think getting Cargo would be a discount, plus I get to keep him for as long as I’d like. I also have a legitimate shot at landing Tulo. I could end up Cargo, Tulo, Cutch for dynasty players. I would deal Kinsler, Wright, and Felix. Thoughts?


Not against that idea at all as I’m a firm believer in loading up on as many elite bats as possible and it sounds like the talent pool is significantly watered down after the keepers are off the board. But I’m not understanding why you’d need to trade all three of Wright, Kinsler and Felix. Wouldn’t you still be able to keep one of them?


Zach, If I add Cargo I would either keep Kinsler or Wright alongside Cutch. I can only keep three players who have been kept for a total of three years+. All players who are kept for three years must be franchised, traded or sent back to the draft upon the fourth year. The rule stinks because it was authored after I had built my team to rage and now I have to send back a couple of my top options, not to mention I traded Pedroia for Hosmer last season because I was banking on him and not going to be able to keep Pedi.

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