Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 8-10



B. Chen @ Sale

Sabathia @ Saunders – I don’t trust Saundo in this matchup.

Romero @ Matsuzaka – Romero is DTM and Dice-K is borderline DTM.

McAllister @ De Vries – McAllister struggling of late but I like him here.

Darvish @ Price

Verlander @ Wilson – Wilson showing some improvement.

Anderson @ Iwakuma – Great matchup for the red-hot Iwakuma.

Buehrle @ Detwiler

Medlen @ Hefner – Hefner outstanding over his last two starts but keep in mind that he faced the Astros and Marlins.

Capuano @ Cain

Chatwood @ Hamels

Samardzija @ McDonald – McDonald has been so erratic in the second half that I’d be hesitant to pitch him even vs. the Cubs.

Norris @ Arroyo – Despite his home woes, if you own Arroyo you might as well start him here.

Fiers @ Westbrook – Not gambling on Fiers vs. best offense in NL.

Miley @ Volquez – Edinson still has good numbers at home, but he’s just too blowup prone.


F. Garcia @ Britton – Can’t trust Britton vs. Yanks, no matter how much their lineup is struggling.

Happ @ Buchholz

Harrison @ Shields

Guthrie @ Santiago

Masterson @ Vasquez – I’m officially retired from the Masterson guessing game.

An. Sanchez @ Greinke

Milone @ Vargas – Great matchup for both.

E. Gonzalez @ Cueto

Hanson @ Young

Nolasco @ Jackson – Nolasco on a roll but I can’t see him dominating Nats lineup twice in less than two weeks.

Pomeranz @ Cloyd

Rusin @ Locke

Marcum @ J. Kelly – I’ll give Marcum another chance. J. Kelly a decent play in deeper formats.

Kennedy @ C. Kelly – C. Kelly coming off rough outing at Coors but he’s now at home against an inconsistent ARI lineup.

Kershaw @ Zito – Not a fan of Zito.


Porcello @ Quintana

Kluber @ Deduno

Parker @ Haren

LeBlanc @ Kendrick – Tasty matchup for Kendrick.

Wandy @ Latos

G. Gonzalez @ Dickey – Nice!

Volstad @ Lyles

Minor @ Peralta – Need to see more from Peralta before I can trust him vs. non-terrible lineup.

Vogelsong @ White – Vogelsong fading badly and he did not fare too well at Coors last month.

J. Garcia @ Werner – For this one start, I’ll pitch Garcia.


Need era/whip start or sit Grienke vs DET?


I never sit my aces, regardless of the matchup. It’s just a general rule I always follow!


Hi Big Z gone quiet around here all of a sudden.

Anyway as you know its H2H playoffs time. Got a tough opening matchup facing arguably the best hitter on the planet right now in Trout and Kemp too! Can’t do much about my offense, it is what it is and theres nothing out there as its a 16 teamer. Im just praying Tulo starts regularly and contributes, reckon he’s worth putting in there each day (over Machado)?

Also what are your thoughts on Straily and Hammel this week in a 16 teamer, I’ve got them so should I start them regardless of the matchup in a deep league? Hammel’s looks ok, I just don’t want Straily to ruin my ERA/WHIP for the week, especially with the offense im facing.


Checked and I’ve got 7 starters to my opponents 5 (and a streamer)…so I likely have the advantage in K’s and W’s if I pitch Straily, but he could damage my ERA/WHIP facing the Angels. Tough call, could make or break me.


As much as I always like to play my studs in a weekly even if there’s some injury risk, now word comes out that Tulo will not be activated today. Plus, the out of contention Rockies figure to be ultra-cautious with him, so it’s no guarantee that he’ll play every day once he gets activated. In a H2H league with a title on the line, there’s just too much risk here. I’d stick with Machado at SS and maximize your counting stats potential.

If your league allows daily lineup changes, it’s a different story. I’d just check the lineups each day before game time and play Tulo if he’s in there.

In a 16-teamer, I consider both Hammel and Straily to be solid starts.


Thanks man, gonna throw them both out there then! Here’s hoping. You’re right on Tulo too, still not activated yet gah…though it is daily so ill just keep checking the daily lineups.

Actually just one other thing man. Guy in that H2H league has just crazily dropped Wainwright for Samardzija (who’s done for the year I’ve heard). Gotta put a claim on Wainy right? Who’s my cut out of: Straily, Hammel (those names again) and Niese.


I’ll say cut Straily. Niese is definitely worth holding onto and Hammel gets the edge over Straily due to the experience/larger body of work factor.


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