Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 12


Cobb @ M. Gonzalez – Gonzalez keeps getting it done…

Millwood @ Romero

Phelps @ Cook

Gomez @ Dempster – Dempster has overcome his rocky adjustment to the AL

Scherzer @ Floyd

Hochevar @ Walters

Griffin @ Big Erv – Big Erv very solid over the past 6 weeks

Johnson @ Lee

Lohse @ Richard – Richard still a must at home

Burnett @ Bailey – Bailey not trustworthy at home

Lannan @ Harvey

Wood @ Abad

Maholm @ Gallardo

Lincecum @ Francis – Lincecum has been measurably better since All-Star

Harang @ Cahill


(I have never commented on Cory’s, but I think I still write to Zach…?)

To whom it may concern,

Beasting my league, but I am expecting to play a nemesis of mine who has great pitching. With Trout, Braun, and McCutch in my OF, trade Longoria for Cueto? I have Todd Frazier. The transaction is with someone who is out of contention and also has pretty good pitching.

Thanks again.


^^12-team dynasty league.


Yup, you’re always talking to Zach!

That’s a fair value trade, so if you think it’ll help you win now I’m OK with it. But personally (without knowing your specific situation of course) I’d be hesitant to do this in a dynasty league. Trading for pitchers is always a risky long-term move for both performance and health reasons, and although Longo has dealt with injuries over the past couple of years, he’s still an elite hitter. Going forward, I’d rather hold onto him.


Roster Squeeze Play – 10T H2H no limit keeper & trying for 3Peat. Weak at SS so trying to roster/keep Machado & Profar. The “untimely” DL release of Ruiz & Lawrie, a must keep Strasburg and adding an SP replacement overloads roster size by 3. Not adding an SP means an unproductive pitcher slot as the bench is full w/position players. My other players are elite so the 3 heart wrenching drops w/b from – Ruiz, Lawrie, Machado, Profar, M. Morse, Kipnis, D. Jennings, Allen Craig, Matt Moore, K Medlen, Brett Anderson., Dickey, Rafael Soriano, Casey Janssen, Frieri. What would you do? (this is so hard I’m losing sleep)
– Thanks, Ring Kings


Wow. I wish you had this issue before the trade deadline as a trade might have solved some of it. But if I had to pick three to drop, I’d say Ruiz (he won’t help you anymore this year and it’s possible that this season was an aberration), and then the other two really depend on if you’re going for it this year. If you’re playing to win now, Machado and Profar would be my other drops. But if you want to hold onto those guys, maybe consider dropping one or two of the closers if you’re OK in saves? Man, I’d be losing sleep over this too!


6×6 14 team keeper league, where we keep 5 guys, no limitations on who we can keep. List of reasonable candidates: Goldschmidt, Desmond, Morse, Car-Go, Werth, Ethier, Stanton, Uggla, Markakis, Chapman, Sabathia, Strasburg. At the moment I would go for: Car-Go, Stanton, Sabathia, Strasburg and Desmond, thoughts?


Agreed, though it’s tough to pass on Chapman. But maybe you can get him back in the draft. Sabathia vs Chapman would be a close call for me, as CC is starting to show some signs of slowing down.


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