Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 13


Hellickson @ W. Chen – Chen has been mostly consistent
Anderson @ Weaver
King Felix @ Alvarez
Hughes @ Doubront – Hughes a category-based toss-up
McAllister @ Holland
Verlander @ Sale – yes please
Mendoza @ Hendriks
Cloyd @ Harrell – good matchup for Cloyd; Harrell tough at home
Lynn @ Beckett – you woulda said “pitch” on this game in a second back in May!


Regarding Hughes, what do you mean by a “category based toss up?”


I think what Cory means is that if you have a bit of a cushion in ERA/WHIP, it’s OK to pitch Hughes for the K’s and win potential, but that he is an ERA and WHIP risk for this matchup. So it really depends on your specific situation.


Got it. Thanks. Fortunately, I do have a little room to work with regarding ERA and WHIP this week, and I do need some strikeouts to get that category. Hopefully he doesn’t give up more than 3 earned runs over 6+ innings because my league counts QS instead of Wins.

Hi Goose, any faith in Skaggs in an important H2H playoff matchup this week (16 teams)? He’d be my 7th starter, currently winning hitting cats but behind in ERA/WHIP and tied in W’s/K’s. Trying to decide if he’s worth the gamble, could be a decisive call!


Yeah, I’d give Skaggs a shot, mostly for the K potential. He’s coming off a rough outing (at Petco of all places!) but he was pretty solid before that one and vs. SF is a decent matchup.


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