Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 15-17



Buchholz @ Villanueva – Villanueva coming off solid performance at Fenway but he’s been very inconsistent of late.

Quintana @ Deduno – Quintana got roughed up by the Twins last week but I still like the matchup.

An. Sanchez @ Masterson – Masterson is giving his owners a total headache this year.

Shields @ Nova – Playing it safe on Nova in his first start back.

Greinke @ Guthrie

Vargas @ Feldman – SEA lineup does well on the road.

Britton @ Parker – Britton was awful vs. the Yankees on Sunday but I do like this matchup.

Locke @ Berken

Jackson @ Hanson

Kendrick @ Keuchel – Kendrick is on a roll.

Mejia @ Marcum – Losing patience with Marcum but I’ll give him one more chance vs. mediocre at best lineup.

Cueto @ Buehrle

Zito @ Miley – Zito cannot be trusted here.

Pomeranz @ C. Kelly – COL lineup woeful on the road.

J. Garcia @ Blanton – Time to take a break from Garcia, whose road struggles continue.


Moore @ Kuroda

Lester @ Morrow – I’m expecting a bounce back performance from Morrow.

Haren @ Smith

Peavy @ Diamond – Diamond hasn’t posted a quality start in more than three weeks.

Porcello @ Jimenez – Porcello not a bad choice in deeper formats though.

Beavan @ Harrison

TBD (BAL) @ Straily

Latos @ Nolasco – Nolasco is red-hot but he’s due for a blowup and the Reds’ lineup is dangerous.

Halladay @ Lyles

Young @ Peralta – Could be 10-9 or 2-1. This is a category-based decision.

Wandy @ Volstad

White @ Werner – Werner’s pitching well and it’s fun to pick on the Rockies when they’re on the road!

Wainwright @ Kershaw

Vogelsong @ Corbin – Tough matchup for the struggling Vogelsong. I think I’d sit this one out. Corbin has faded in September (6.10 ERA).

G. Gonzalez @ Minor


Fister @ Floyd – Floyd way too unpredictable.

Cook @ Cobb – Cobb has been excellent at home this year.

M. Gonzalez @ Ramirez – Outstanding matchup for Gonzalez.

Lee @ Dickey – This game could be over in 45 minutes!

Hudson@ LeBlanc

Correia @ Wood – Wood a quality NL-only play.

Chacin @ Bumgarner


hey well this is the last week of a 3 week round robin playoff between top 4 teams….the top 2 with the most categories won go to the series and I have a 5.5 lead…..Im playing the 2nd place team this week and they make lots of moves…They have 9 offensive players today compared to my 6 since I just dropped Iannetta for Marte……would you consider dropping Moore(TB) for another player such as Ackley, simmons …there really isnt a good option for today….I have a surplus of OFs with Jennings/ BJ/ Marte/ Craig/ Aoki/ Reddick/ Werth/ and Fowler…would you drop any for Maybin


Moore has been very erratic lately so I don’t really have a problem with you dropping him for a hitter if you feel like it would help you win your matchup. As for your outfield, I’d stick with your guys over Maybin.


Drop Ludwick to make room for Napoli? No real context to this question except that I have McCann & Wieters at C as well so I’m wondering who’s the better hitter ROW (2+ weeks basically).


I’d hold onto Ludwick. He’s simply having the better year, and when we take away the position factor it becomes a lot easier to pass on Napoli.


So drop Napoli?

Yeah, despite Napoli’s strong performance last night, I’d still rather have Ludwick if the position factor is taken out of the equation.


i’m in a 10 player NL leauge only keeper leauge 9aution draft 260) and i was wondering if it would be a good idea to pick up mat gamel for next year at 10 bucks i think i should but also think he might be a back up next year cause they might go with hart at first since gomez and aoki did good this year in OF and he played well at first what do you think thanks in advance


Wow, that might have been the longest sentence I’ve ever read! All kidding aside, I don’t really see 10 bucks as a great price for Gamel, even in an NL-only. I’m pretty confident that you’ll be able to get him back for 10 bucks or less next season, and I think you’re probably better off using that keeper slot on someone else. There are simply too many questions about Gamel’s role (not to mention that he’s yet to play a full MLB season) to warrant a 10 dollar investment.


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