Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 18


Walters @ Huff

Griffin @ Scherzer

Romero @ Pettitte – I feel comfortable pitching Andy in his first start back.

Doubront @ Hellickson – Doubront too erratic lately to trust.

Floyd @ Hochevar

Dempster @ Weaver

W. Chen @ Ramirez – Great matchup for Chen.

Harang @ Zimmermann – I’ll say pitch on Harang but if you’re protecting your ratios feel free to sit him.

Gallardo @ Burnett

Maholm @ Eovaldi – Maholm struggling but if he’s ever going to right the ship it would be in this matchup.

Cloyd @ Hefner

Bailey @ Germano – Homer a category-based decision but he’s been a lot better on the road and the Cubs’ lineup is sub-par.

Abad @ Lohse

Stults @ Kennedy – Stults keeps getting it done.

Francis @ Lincecum


Drop De Aza (who’s not starting every day) for Aoki? Somewhat similar numbers and type of player, but Aoki’s starting every day. Thanks


Sure. As they say, PT is king. And they are comparable players.


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