Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 19


Hendriks @ McAllister – McAllister has run out of gas.
Anderson @ Verlander
Alvarez @ Hughes
Matsuzaka @ Archer – Archer not a bad gamble though in AL-only/deep mixed leagues for the K potential.
Sale @ Mendoza
Holland @ Wilson – Holland pitching extremely well of late…five straight quality starts with plenty of K’s.
Saunders @ King Felix – If you’re ever going to pitch Saundo, this would be the time.
Beckett @ Lannan
Estrada @ McPherson – Estrada 1 ER or less in four of his last five starts.
Medlen @ Johnson – Medlen is on a ridiculous run right now.
Hamels @ Harvey
Leake @ Rusin – Leake is a toss-up as always, but he’s been a much better pitcher on the road.
Harrell @ Lynn – Harrell a little too risky here.
Volquez @ Cahill – Disaster alert for Volquez. Cahill seems to have gotten back on track.
Chatwood @ Cain


Still a ‘Pitch’ on Pettitte vs TOR getting pushed back a day with the Rain-Out?

Thanks Fellas…You Guys ROCK!!!


A belated yes! And I promise I would’ve said the same thing if I answered before he threw the five scoreless innings.


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