411 Season Recap Central

Hey everyone,

As we wind down our special end of season shows, we thought it would be a good idea to create a single blog post where you can easily access all of the content. Below are links to our 2013 preliminary positional rankings along with the Fantasy 411’s special teams. I’ll also be posting a link to this post on the top of all of our upcoming posts through the end of the regular season.


First Base and Third Base Rankings for 2013

Second Base and Shortstop Rankings for 2013

Catcher and Outfield Rankings for 2013

Starting Pitcher and Closer Rankings for 2013

All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams for 2012

2012 Report Cards

All-Rookie, All-Injury and All-Fantasy Teams for 2012

The Final Pitch or Ditch Category Chart



You’ve all been a fun and interesting part of this season, as well as a fine sounding board to bring questions and thoughts too be considered to discuss. I am very in to coming back next year and enjoying the same level of expertise/fun.

Hope your playoff teams rawk it! If not? Not unlike a Cubs fan, wait until next year.

Thanks 411 !

You guys are the best!! This gives me a head start on 2013 with my keeper league and allows me to plan for my money league.

In reviewing the 2013 Rankings I can’t find a link to the podcasts Zach mentions in the “preambles” (well, it is important stuff is it not!?). If there is a link/archive it would be much appreciated if you would post it. I would really like to hear those details, thanks – Rink Kings.


We tweet these out every time there’s a new podcast but here they are:

http://tinyurl.com/32346q8 (Link to iTunes audio podcast page)

http://tinyurl.com/6xk6cx5 (Link to MLB.com podcast page which has the links to the five most recent podcasts)


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