All-Surprise + All-Disappointment Teams for 2012


Hey everybody,

On today’s podcast, we discussed our All-Surprise and All-Disappointment teams for the 2012 season. Here are the rosters, and be sure to listen to the podcast for Mike and Cory’s in-depth analysis.

Next week, we’ll wrap up our in-season podcasts by unveiling our All-Rookie, All-Injury and All-Fantasy teams in addition to grading Mike and Cory’s preseason picks.



C    A.J. Pierzynski

1B  Edwin Encarnacion

2B  Aaron Hill

SS  Ian Desmond

3B  Chase Headley

OF  Mike Trout

OF  Alex Rios

OF  Josh Reddick

SP  R.A. Dickey

SP  Wade Miley

RP  Fernando Rodney


C    Mike Napoli

1B  Eric Hosmer

2B  Dan Uggla

SS  Dee Gordon

3B  Brett Lawrie

OF  Justin Upton

OF  Cameron Maybin

OF  Drew Stubbs

SP  Tim Lincecum

SP  Ricky Romero

RP  Heath Bell


Justin Upton? Yes, a big disappointment from day one to mid-season. An obviously decent player from that point on.

Yeah. Disappointed in that aspect. Lincecum? Not that disappointed. I think we all kind of figured that with his frame, it could not repeat ALA Roger Clemens, etc.

Chase Headly? Who could have known?

BIlly Butler? I’ve been trying to move him all year, but the guy just keeps on mashing. Who knew there, as well?

Great job guys!

I was kind of on top of Billy Butler. As a Tigers fan, ive unfortunetly seen how good he can be. Got him way late in my draft. When Votto went down Butler may have saved my season.

I would include Kris Medlen as an SP on the All Surprise Team. Amazing how a no-name like that has dominated.

Very surprised not to see Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz as the All-Surprise catcher.


Yeah, he was the runner-up. We had a tough time with that one…discussed it for awhile.


The only surprising thing about Reddick is how badly he has hit when his team needs his bat most…….0 for Detroit, New York and now Texas.

I think the judging on Brett Lawrie is a bit unfair, he was injured and rehabbing for a good part of the of the season.

You keep talking about podcasts…where do I find them…can you add a link?


Yes! Follow the links that I included on the top of my latest blog entry (Zach’s Musings 12/17). I’ll also be re-posting them on all subsequent entries for the forseeable future.


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