Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 21



Deduno @ Porcello

Parker @ Sabathia

M. Gonzalez @ Lester – Gonzalez has been solid on the road, too

Villanueva @ Shields – Villanueva 3.49 ERA in 14 starts

Masterson @ Mendoza – Masterson too erratic, especially on the road

Peavy @ Big Erv – BIG ERV!

M. Perez @ Iwakuma

Carpenter @ Volstad – great matchup for Carpenter to return

Hanson @ Kendrick – don’t trust Kendrick vs. Braves

Marcum @ Jackson

Blanton @ Arroyo – roll the dice if you must, but not me…

Turner @ Niese – Turner pitching well, Mets struggling…

Locke @ E. Gonzalez

Miley @ Pomeranz – I’ll risk Miley in Coors

C. Kelly @ Vogelsong – risk/reward with Kelly; let the categories guide you


Hoping your right on Turner… Gonna take a flyer on Turner.

Hi Big Z, bigtime H2H playoff matchup on the line. Was down 8-0 now pulled it back to 5-4. Question is should I go with Chrissy Carpenter today first start back? See Cory is, im close in all pitching cats but 2 behind in W’s. Think ive gotta roll the dice?



Yeah, I think Carpenter is a pretty safe choice. I can’t imagine him getting bombed by the Cubs.

By the way, I hope you didn’t take my advice about pitching Skaggs last week. I really felt bad about that one:-)


Ha no I actually benched him, was pleased when my other guys dealt and he got rocked on my bench!🙂 Think I dropped him for Carp in fact.

Whats your thoughts on Martin Perez pitching at Safeco? He’s supposed to be a stud prospect!


Perez is an intriguing AL-only option for the K’s but I just don’t see him as 12-team mixed league material yet, despite the favorable matchup. He hasn’t been pitching deep into games and is just too risky in my mind for the time being. Plus, I tend to be more conservative with PoD picks as it gets later in the season.


I’m sitting pretty with ERA & WHIP going into the weekend, but I really need another W or so to seal this thing. Vogelsong has been horrible the past 4 starts, but with the extra motivation of keeping his starting role going into the postseason, I’m thinking about pitching him. Man, I don’t want him to dump my ERA and WHIP though…what do you think?

I hope you started Vogelsong, Jim!


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