Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 22-24




Blackley @ Nova – I like what I saw from Nova his last time out.

Tillman @ Cook – Tillman has been impressive but I’m not in love with this matchup.

Diamond @ Fister

Jimenez @ Smith

Morrow @ Moore – Moore scuffling of late but this is a very favorable matchup.

Quintana @ Haren – Quintana hasn’t posted back-to-back quality starts in over a month.

Harrison @ Beavan

Wainwright @ Wood

Peralta @ G. Gonzalez – Peralta not a bad gamble but this matchup scares me.

Buehrle @ Young – Young worth a look in deeper leagues though.

Fife @ Latos

Minor @ Halladay – Minor has a 2.28 ERA since the All-Star break.

Correia @ Keuchel – Correia an intriguing option in deeper leagues but the wheels could fall off at any moment.

Corbin @ Francis – Corbin on a decent run but in mixed leagues I’m not about to take the risk in Coors.

Werner @ Bumgarner


Griffin @ Kuroda – After getting rocked by the Tigers, Griffin cannot be trusted at Yankee Stadium.

Walters @ Scherzer

TBD (BAL) @ Doubront

Jenkins @ Cobb– Cobb’s 3.44 home ERA suggests that he probably deserves a chance vs. depleted Blue Jays’ lineup.

Huff @ Ordorizzi

Floyd @ Weaver – Floyd coming off his best outing in a long time but the Angels’ lineup is formidable.

Dempster @ Vargas – Vargas has dominated at home all year but he’s been inconsistent lately and these are the Rangers we’re talking about!

Nolasco @ Dickey – Seems like a great matchup for Nolasco but the Mets have had his number over the years. In 12-team mixed leagues, I’d avoid the roller-coaster ride.

Gallardo @ Wang

Hudson @ Lee

Burnett @ Lyles

Lohse @ Germano

Kennedy @ Chacin – Chacin showed progress in his latest start but I still need to see more from him.

Stults @ Lincecum – Stults hasn’t faded one bit.

Harang @ Bailey – I don’t like the matchup for Harang. Homer’s on a roll in September (2-0, 1.55 ERA).


Pettitte @ Hendriks

Romero @ W. Chen (Gm 1 of DH) – Chen: 3 ER or less in four of his last five starts.

Alvarez @ Saunders (Gm 2 of DH) – Saundo last four starts: 2.10 ERA, 1.01 WHIP.

Hochevar @ Verlander

Straily @ Holland – Straily coming off ugly outing vs. O’s.

McAllister @ Sale

Estrada @ Zimmermann – Estrada’s on fire.

McPherson @ Mejia

Lynn @ Harrell – Harrell’s been pretty good lately but I’ll take the conservative route this late in the season.

Cahill @ Chatwood – Cahill sports a 2.79 ERA in September and has pitched pretty well at Coors Field this season (1-0, 3.65 ERA in two starts).


I’d say start TBD vs Doubront.

I heard my name in the podcast for the 3rd time in a row. I think I deserve a paycheck……or a guest appearance on the show.


Haha, yeah we got a lot of mileage out of that comment of yours. But remember that Mike and Cory don’t get paid any extra for doing the show, so good luck trying to get a paycheck:-)


Yeah I figured cash was a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, being the nerd that I am it was pretty cool to contribute to the podcast. You guys do a great job!

Zach, not sure if you’re aware of this, but for anyone thinking of pitching Homer Bailey this weekend at home, his home/road splits don’t advise it. He is 4-7, 5.05 ERA, 1.53 WHIP at Great American Ballpark this year. 8-2, 2.63, 1.09 on the road this season. Just a heads up.


Turns out you were right on Homer. I was aware of the home/road splits but figured that since he had pitched very well of late (including a couple of home starts) he was worth a shot. Oh well, at least he got 6 K’s!


D. Smyly or C. Tillman for tomorrow? I might not even pitch him just grabbing one of them for insurance. A just in case i need him type a deal.


I would’ve said Tillman. And he pitched extremely well!


I did it! H2H Matchup came down to the late sunday night game, a save from Aroldis and he’d won otherwise a save from Kenley or no save and I’d won. Phew, how close can you get!

So it’s the final, between the top 2 seeds as it should be (I overtook him for top spot in the final week). Teams shaping up ok but really have done well to get there without Tulo or Stanton recently, so I think im the underdog. Anyway just one question for now, have one free open pitching spot, whos the start this week: Detweiler or Iwakuma? 16 teamer as you know.



PS How are you doing in any H2H playoffs this year Goose?


Congrats! Detwiler vs. Iwakuma is about as close a call as it gets. I think I’d go Detwiler. He’s just been a little more consistent than Iwakuma overall, and I’m a bit more scared of the Angels lineup than the Phillies lineup.

I’m only in one H2H league this year and it’s actually one that Siano is in as well: an NL-only keeper. We both didn’t make the playoffs. My excuse though is that I owned both Votto and Tulo, so try winning a non-mixed league without your two best hitters! The good news is that I traded Votto and his bloated contract for Chase Headley, who is signed through 2014 for $3! And it was perfect timing, as the trade was made during those few days in August when it sounded like Votto’s return was imminent. Turns out the guy who traded with me never got a single game out of Votto as he got eliminated in the first round. Now that’s what I call tough luck.


Ouch yeah Tulo’s been a killer for a lot of teams this year, somehow like I said I’ve managed to win without him in this one. I’ll only consider him next year as a 3rd round or later, too much risk otherwise with him. Nice work getting Headley though! Love him at $3 for the next 2 years. My best keeper I have in my other keeper league (10 team mixed) is E5 (or is it now E40), currently have him at just $1 so think im gonna go the whole hog and lock him up for 3 years at $10- either that or it’s 2 years at $8. Another pitching potential keeper though who I have is the amazing story of Kris Medlen, he’d cost $9 to keep for next year or $12 for 2 years (due to fact I picked him up halfway through season) but I think I have to keep him some way due to how he’s pitched. Which do you like?

Definitely three years on E40. Medlen is a tough one considering that he’s burst onto the scene and the K’s were kind of unexpected. I’d definitely go $9 on him. $12 for two years is borderline but it’s not such a huge jump up, so I’m OK with that.

To comment on the above post, I was able to overcome my Tulo issue by picking up Tulo Lite (Scutaro) and made it to the finals.

Now my question: 10 team H2H 12×13 8 keeper league… have Brett Anderson rotting on my bench. Need a replacement SP for this final week. Even though it is a shallow league we have a really deep bench, so I’m thinking of PoD’ing. Anyone in the early days this week worth picking up? My options are: Eovaldi v. ATL, Detwiller v. PHL, Pomeranz v. CHC, Correia v. NYM…

Thank you in advance Zach


I like Detwiler. Not in love with those other guys.


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