411 Report Cards for 2012


Hey everyone,

As promised on today’s podcast, which should be available by late-afternoon ET, here’s the visual version of Mike and Cory’s end of season grades. For those of you were new to the show this year, as part of our end of season recap shows, we grade Mike and Cory’s preseason overrated/underrated teams. And you probably know what we gave Cory for his E40 (formerly known as E5) pick!

Here’s the full spreadsheet, and, as always, feel free to comment on any of these grades.

2012 Report Cards

Just a note that Thursday will be our last podcast until after the World Series, as we’ll unveil our All-Injury, All-Rookie and All-Fantasy teams.



I assume there will still be POD Updates on the blog? I’m in the finals for my H2H!


Yup, we’ll continue with the PoD posts right through the very end!


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