Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 25



Kluber @ Liriano – enough upside and weak opponent…

B. Chen @ An. Sanchez – ditto

Laffey @ Saunders – Saundo is risky but throwing well of late

Price @ Buchholz

Milone @ Darvish – can’t trust Milone in Texas

Hughes @ Vasquez

Ramirez @ Greinke – Ramirez on a nice run for the M’s

Lannan @ Hamels

Eovaldi @ Medlen

Fiers @ Cueto – fear Fiers:  fading fast

Wandy @ McHugh

J. Garcia @ Harrell – can’t trust Jaime on road, only trust Harrell at home

Rusin @ De La Rosa

Beckett @ Volquez

Skaggs @ Lincecum


Im in the finals and picked up Estrada who got hit yesterday but goes against Houston next start would you keep him? Also Ive used Ike at CI but they play against a lefty tonight would you advise sitting him or do you think there is a chance he may start? thx


Yeah, I’d go ahead and pitch Estrada. As for Ike, check the lineup before game time to see if he’s in there. Even though Wandy is a lefty, he’s actually had slightly less success against lefties than against righties this year.


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