Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 26



Sabathia @ Deduno

Guthrie @ Porcellowho knew a pitcher could turn it around after going to KC?

Villanueva @ M. Gonzalez –Carlos got ripped last time and has a tough matchup here

Cobb @ Lester – Cobb is a home/away play

Parker @ M. Perez

Masterson @ Santiago – remember when Santiago was the White Sox closer? Haha

King Felix @ Wilson – CJ has a 5.79 ERA since All-Star

Harang @ Richard – Harang a K’s-based chase only

Lannan @ Kendrick

Johnson @ Maholm – Maholm worth the risk if your ratios are safe… or punted

Marcum @ Arroyo – too risky to start either

Locke @ Hefner

Carpenter @ Norris – great return for Carp; Norris is worth the risk at home

Berken @ Pomeranz

Miley @ Cain


Do you think Miley won’t get lit up in this one on the road vs. Cain? I know Cain isn’t a great hitter, but the rest of the lineup looks good. Just trying to decide whether to keep Miley or pick up J. Parker at Texas.


Full disclosure, I would’ve pitched Miley. And it would not have turned out well. That said, I don’t trust Parker @TEX. In fact, I trust very few pitchers @TEX.


Zach, I get it that it was a crazy call for anyone. Thanks for stepping up. I called it wrong, but was personally agreeing with your assessment. It’s all good my friend.

I have 6 Ofs so would you be ok with dropping Fowler to pick up Carpenter to pitch today?

I hope you did that, Alan. Carpenter should make one more start before the end of the regular season.


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