Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 27



Mendoza @ Fister
Blackley @ Harrison
Iwakuma @ Haren – Iwakuma continues to get the job done.
Nova @ Morrow – Nova’s back in my doghouse! I don’t trust Morrow here either.
Shields @ Peavy
Peralta @ Latos – Too dangerous of a matchup for Peralta.
Correia @ Dickey – Correia not a bad gamble in deeper leagues though.
Volstad @ Chacin
Corbin @ Zito
G. Gonzalez @ Cloyd
Turner @ Hanson – Hanson very disappointing this year but this is a good matchup for him.
Capuano @ C. Kelly – Kelly strictly an NL-only option.

                                                                                                                                                      CORY’S PICKS

Mendoza @ Fister – Fister on a serious roll right now
Blackley @ Harrison
Iwakuma @ Haren – tough matchup for Iwakuma but his performance deserves it
Nova @ Morrow – good matchup for erratic Nova; tough matchup for high-upside Morrow
Shields @ Peavy
Peralta @ Latos – Peralta too risky after meltdown last start
Correia @ Dickey
Volstad @ Chacin
Corbin @ Zito – Zito a good risk if chasing wins
G. Gonzalez @ Cloyd – some upside with Cloyd but too risky for me
Turner @ Hanson
Capuano @ C. Kelly – flip a coin on Capuano


Hi Big Z, just wondering if Iwakuma has any big home/away splits? He seems like the kind of guy who could have, seeing as he pitches in homerfree Safeco. Big decision for me but I think im gonna pitch him in the finals of my 16 team H2H. Bit of a scary matchup though!


Oh and would you consider Jacob Turner today in this format? Or is that definately too risky!




Turner is too risky vs. a quality lineup like the Braves.



Yeah, Iwakuma does have home/road split issues (2.70 ERA at home vs. 4.57 ERA on the road) and the Angels’ lineup is formidable, but he did pitch well @LAA last month (7 IP, 3 ER) and this is a kind of situation where I think recent performance outweighs split stats. In a 16-teamer. I’d roll the dice on him.


Great call Big Z! Excellent performance by Histaschi, much needed thanks.🙂

Hey Guys,

Great job again this year!! I miss the show…podcast isn’t the same! Hope it comes back..ok Championship Week H2H 6×6 (hits&whip). My SP are dropping like flies, most recently Scherzer for this FRI.
My opponent has more starts than me for remainder of week and I’m out of FA pickups. I had to retool my bats w/Keppinger & Swisher.

Remaining Starters
Shields @ CWS, v BAL
Iwakuma @ LAA, v LAA
Nova @ TOR, @ BOS
Lee @ MIA, @ WAS
Halladay @ MIA
Vargas @ OAK
E Ramirez @ OAK
Buchholz @ NYY
J Garcia v CIN
Lester v NYY

I need at least 11 or 12 that I can play…any stand out as “slam dunks”(as much as can be) or disaster alerts?

appreciate everything you guys do!
Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’d avoid Nova and Buchholz and I’m not in love with Vargas or Ramirez as their home/road splits are extreme. And even though @OAK is an enticing matchup, the A’s have actually been scoring a decent amount of runs lately. I’m totally fine with pitching all those other guys.


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