Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 28



Cook @ Tillman – Tillman has a 3.08 ERA this season!

Smith @ Huff

Kuroda @ Jenkins

Weaver @ Dempster

Smyly @ Diamond – I’d rather have Scherzer

Hellickson @ Floyd

Beavan @ Griffin

Bailey @ Burnett

Lee @ Buehrle

Niese @ Hudson

E. Gonzalez @ Gallardo

Jackson @ Wainwright

Wood @ Kennedy – Wood worth the K upside if you can risk the ratios

Vogelsong @ Werner – start either or both only if chasing wins

Francis @ Kershaw


Great call Big Z on Iwakuma, got me a much needed win after Latos failed to do so.🙂 Seeing as there’s not much else to ask for me apart from streamers for my H2H,and theres none worthwhile today, I’ll start to filter down some potential keeper questions your way. First up Billy Butler, great year but question is will he be 1B eligable next year and if not with the new rules how long do you think it’ll take for the 10 required games? And the contract options for him: 1 yr ($10), 2yrs ($13), or 3 yrs ($15). Which do you like.


I’ve never been a big fan of Butler from a fantasy perspective due to his inconsistent power, and while he deserves a ton of credit for the 28 homers, he’s actually hitting slightly more ground balls this year than last season, and he had only 19 homers last year! So his HR/FB rate is considerably up from last year. The bottom line is that I’m just not convinced that we can pencil him in for 25-plus homers in 2013. All that said, those keeper prices are good ones. I think I’d go just one year though. $13 is pushing it a little, but it’s borderline. $15 is too high.


Strange to hear he’s hitting more ground balls, as the homers ive seen him hit have often been bombs (oppo shot at Comerica yesterday, no easy feat). Hear ya though and will probably go 1 year but it does possibly depend on 1B eligablity. WIth 14 games played at 1B will he be 1B eligable in ESPN leagues next year? Or does it depend on our particular league, never quite figured that one out…

I think different sites use different eligibility rules. I’m pretty sure ESPN is either 15 or 20, so either way he’ll need one more!


Need some starter help BIG TIME! Do I start Kuroda at TOR, or Vogelsong at SD tonight?
Both aren’t pitching well right now. Jays are swinging the bats well, but Yanks need the win. SF is on fire and have owned SD this year. Big ballpark might help out Vogel.
Or do I bench them both and go to my waiver wire for guys like Cahill vs. CHC (bad at home), Pettitte at TOR, Vargas at OAK, Ramirez at OAK, Estrada vs HOU.
Points league. A win is most important. Can only start 1. Please help


I’d go Vogelsong. Kuroda’s probably the better pitcher, but the matchup difference is so huge that I wouldn’t be able to resist pitching Vogelsong @SD. I mean, how bad can he be?


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