Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 29-October 1




Pettitte @ Romero

Moore @ Sale – Passing on Moore here. He’s really struggled of late.

Verlander @ Walters

Vargas @ Straily – Vargas’ home/road splits are drastic, but he’s had success against the A’s this year (2.36 ERA in five starts).

Big Erv @ Holland – Can’t pitch Erv @TEX, despite second half turnaround.

Doubront @ S. Johnson – Too late in the year to take chances on guys like Johnson.

Odorizzi @ Gomez

Leake @ McPherson – Nice matchup for Leake, who loves pitching on the road.

Keuchel @ Estrada – Giving Estrada a mulligan coming off disastrous outing @WAS.

Young @ Minor

Halladay @ Nolasco – Pitch Nolasco only if you’re chasing wins/strikeouts.

Zimmermann @ Lohse

Germano @ Cahill

Bumgarner @ Stults – Stults keeps getting it done.

Chatwood @ Blanton – Blanton pitching well lately and Rockies can’t hit on the road.


Hochevar @ McAllister

Hughes @ Alvarez – Hughes a little risky though.

Stewart @ Saunders – Saundo gave up 11 hits last time out. I’m ditching.

Price @ Liriano – Liriano too blowup-prone.

An. Sanchez @ Hendriks

Greinke @ Darvish

E. Ramirez @ Milone – Favorable matchup for Ramirez and Milone + Home = Pitch.

Hamels @ Eovaldi

Mejia @ Medlen

Cueto @ Wandy

Lyles @ Fiers – Fiers – Fiers mediocre lately but he’s still racking up plenty of K’s and he gets a favorable matchup here. This is a category-based decision.

Detwiler @ Lynn – Detwiler a toss-up but I’m hesitant to pitch him.

TBD (SF) @ Volquez – I still like Volquez at home.

De La Rosa @ Beckett – Great matchup for Beckett.

Rusin @ Collmenter


Santiago @ Kluber

Buchholz @ Sabathia – Playing it safe with Clay.

Vasquez @ Laffey

W. Chen @ Cobb – Chen has pitched well vs. TB this year. Cobb a quality option when he’s at home.

Porcello @ B. Chen

Perez @ Parker – Parker solid @TEX, so why expect anything different now that he’s at home?

Wilson @ King Felix

Kendrick @ Lannan – Kendrick was awful vs. Nats and now gets them again. No thanks.

Maholm @ Locke

Familia @ LeBlanc

Harrell @ Berken

Richard @ Marcum – Marcum seems to be back on track.

Arroyo @ J. Garcia – This could be 2-1 or 10-9. I’m a bit more confident in Garcia.

Pomeranz @ Miley – A home start vs. the Rockies should cure whatever is ailing Miley.

Cain @ Harang – Harang a borderline call.


Clayton Richard has a 4.64 road era this yr & a career 6.91 era @ Miller Park w a 353 batting avg against. Can u plse tell me why you think he is a pitch on Monday?
Thank you.


Yeah, you’re right about Richard. Ditch. Not so much because of the home/road splits but I didn’t realize just how poorly he’s pitched of late until I double-checked. No reason to gamble on him during the final days of the season.


Gents, I am in a pickle.

I have led my league for most of the year, but now at the wire things are getting way too tight. I have a .5 pt lead and only 11 innings remaining. I am tied with 4 teams in wins and will lose a pt by season’s end in Ks. My ERA is .01 ahead of the guy in 2nd and .01 behind the guy in 3rd. My WHIP is .0005 ahead of the guy in 3rd. I need 3 saves to catch the guy ahead of me.

So my question for you. With 11 innings I think I can throw King Felix tonight along with my 3 closers (Motte, Romo, & Pap) and have a few innings for tomorrow. I have Haren & Norris as possibilities tomorrow. I also have Burnett and Mendoza on Wednesday if I ditch Haren and Norris. The other possibility would be to blow out my innings tonight and pitch Felix, Cobb, Chen, and Buchholz with my closers and Gregerson. I guess I could also throw my pen tonight and tomorrow trying to catch saves and protect my ratios then pick up the TBD pitchers (Miami, Col, St Louis, Mil) for Wednesday to try and catch if needed.

I fear chasing wins may hurt me more than help with my ratios being so close. One blow up game would take away all the benefit of a Win or two. S

I need some of your 411 magic on this, let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for another great year of help. You guys rock!

Sorry, Eric. Looks like I approved this comment too late. Anyway, my condolenses for pitching Felix. I did the same thing last night in one of my leagues and my chance to finish in the money is ruined. Let us know what you decided to do. As for Norris, I’m throwing him out there in one of my leagues because the definite gain in K’s and possible win is worth the ERA/WHIP risk, but I think you’re better off leaving him benched since ERA and WHIP are so tight in your league. He’s been absolutely awful on the road all year. Check out those home/away splits! It’s crazy.


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