September 2012

1B and 3B Rankings for 2013


Hey everyone,

On today’s podcast, we unveiled our preliminary first base and third base rankings for 2013. Here are the complete lists, and be sure to listen to the podcast when it comes out later today as Mike and Cory will discuss all of this in-depth. Also note that on Friday we’ll cover second base and shortstop.

And most importantly, we want to hear from you! Feel free to comment on these rankings and we’ll read some of your responses on Friday’s show.


                                                                                                                                                      FIRST BASE

1. Albert Pujols

2. Joey Votto

3. Prince Fielder

4. Edwin Encarnacion

5. Adrian Gonzalez

6. Paul Goldschmidt

7. Mark Teixeira

8. Paul Konerko

9. Allen Craig

10. Adam Dunn

Honorable Mentions: Freddie Freeman, Adam LaRoche, Eric Hosmer, Ryan Howard, Anthony Rizzo


1. Miguel Cabrera

2. David Wright

3. Adrian Beltre

4. Evan Longoria

5. Brett Lawrie

6. Aramis Ramirez

7. Ryan Zimmerman

8. Pablo Sandoval

9. Chase Headley

10. David Freese

Honorable Mentions: Alex Rodriguez, Will Middlebrooks, Mike Moustakas, Kevin Youkilis

Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 4


F. Garcia @ Cobb

Masterson @ Porcello – I’ve given up trying to make predictions on Masterson. Pass.

Britton @ Villanueva

Diamond @ Quintana – Quintana’s been inconsistent but he’s a decent start in deeper formats.

Harrison @ Guthrie – I’m expecting a bounce back from Harrison.

Greinke @ Parker

Lester @ Beavan – Great matchup for Lester.

Rusin @ Jackson

Lyles @ Wandy

Pomeranz @ Hanson

Kendrick @ Latos

Marcum @ Turner – Marcum a health risk but the matchup is favorable.

Harvey @ J. Garcia – Garcia’s ERA at home this year is 3.10. I’ll give him a shot.

Stults @ Kershaw

Kennedy @ Vogelsong