All-Rookie, All-Injury and All-Fantasy Teams for 2012


Hey everyone,

On the final 411 podcast of the 2012 fantasy season, Mike and Cory discussed in-depth our All-Rookie, All-Injury and All-Fantasy teams. Here are the rosters, and be sure to check out the podcast when it comes out later today.

And as always, feel free to post your opinions about these teams.


                                                                                                                                          ALL-ROOKIE TEAM

C     Wilin Rosario
1B  Anthony Rizzo
2B  Steve Lombardozzi
SS  Zack Cozart
3B  Todd Frazier

OF  Mike Trout
OF  Bryce Harper
OF  Yoenis Cespedes
SP  Yu Darvish
SP  Wade Miley
RP  Addison Reed


C   Wilson Ramos
1B  Lance Berkman
2B  Chase Utley

SS  Troy Tulowitzki
3B  Evan Longoria
OF  Matt Kemp
OF  Jacoby Ellsbury
OF  Brett Gardner
SP  Roy Halladay
SP  Daniel Hudson
RP  Mariano Rivera


C     Buster Posey
1B  Miguel Cabrera
2B  Aaron Hill (a narrow but clear edge over Robinson Cano)
SS  Jimmy Rollins (edges Ian Desmond and Jose Reyes)
3B  Edwin Encarnacion (honorable mention to Chase Headley)
OF  Mike Trout

OF  Ryan Braun
OF  Andrew McCutchen
SP  R.A. Dickey
SP  Justin Verlander (David Price the clear-cut #3)
RP  Craig Kimbrel (honorable mentions to Aroldis Chapman and Fernando Rodney)


Cano has a better AVG., OBP., more runs, more homers, and more RBIs. He’s ranked higher on ESPN’s Player Rater. How does Aaron Hill have a “clear edge” over him?

Also, Jose Bautista should be on the All-Injury team.


I agree with you that it’s not a clear edge but the AVG, HR, RBI and R are close enough that the SB difference was the deciding factor. On 2012 value, Hill squeaks by Cano in our opinion. 2013 is a different story. Cano should obviously be taken before Hill.


I understand that the rookie outfield is a tough race, but was Norichika Aoki for the Brewers brought up? He is having a pretty good year.


Yeah, Aoki really flew under the radar this year and is a sneaky NL-only pick for 2013. Let’s see how the Brewers set up their outfield though, just to make sure that he’ll be getting everyday AB’s.


What about Matt Harvey for the rookie team? Not a full season, but…


Harvey is certainly HM worthy but with only two SP spots, we had to give priority to guys who pitched full seasons.


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