Thanks from the 411

Cory celebrates his Mixed Tout Wars victory

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions to the blog and support of the podcasts throughout the season. Hopefully, the 411 played a small part in your fantasy success, but ultimately you guys deserve the credit as the final decisions were up to you.

Below, I’ve posted the blog links to all of our special end of season content. You’ll see our preliminary 2013 positional rankings, our end of season teams, Mike and Cory’s report cards and our final updated Pitch or Ditch category chart.

First Base and Third Base Rankings for 2013

Second Base and Shortstop Rankings for 2013

Catcher and Outfield Rankings for 2013

Starting Pitcher and Closer Rankings for 2013

All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams for 2012

2012 Report Cards

All-Rookie, All-Injury and All-Fantasy Teams for 2012

The Final Pitch or Ditch Category Chart

And major congrats to our listener league winners:

411 League – Steve Cozzolino aka Neighbor Steve (by a single point over Zack Stair!)

Ron Cey League – Tony Bartlett

Paul C. Smith League – Jayson Panetta

Marzano League – Johan Weidolf (and it came down to the final day)

And last but certainly not least, a big time thanks to all of our listener league commissioners: Tony Bartlett (Ron Cey), Dean Baker (Paul C. Smith) and Joe Curley (Marzano). Trust me, I know what you guys have to deal with, particularly when it comes to deciding on that all-important draft time. Well done!

Enjoy the postseason and keep checking the blog throughout the offseason as we’ll be routinely posting new content.

Also note that Cory will be posting his Tout Wars season recap sometime next week.



Thanks to everyone for following the 411 this year and of course a big thanks to the intrepid Goose, who maintains the blogs, gathers news and research for the podcast, runs the PoD spreadsheet, and generally keeps the entire operation afloat. If you all are the “fan” in the Fantasy 411, then Goose is the “tasy” part. OK I don’t know what that means but we couldn’t do it without him… thanks Goose, and thanks to everyone! Enjoy the postseason!

Big thanks to the 411 for helping me adjust my strategy and approach. I won my dynasty league for the first time after 6 years. Many of them spent in the basement. No shower, but I did drink a Yoo Hoo as a nod.

Might as well kick this off and be the first one to post on this upcoming season. New to this site but it seems pretty nice. I’m in a 10-team dynasty league, we can keep 10 players and 3 minors players. I can keep 10 of the following:

A. Hill
C. Gonzalez
B. Anderson
C. Tillman

Remember 100 players are going to be retained so some positions are going to be thing, like 2b. We have 2b-SS and MI in this league so good MI are scarce. I’m pretty much set on Stanton-Upton-Cargo-Longo-Tulo-Cain-Kershaw-Gallardo, but I’m torn on the other two. Is Goldy going to step up and reproduce what he did last year? Is Hosmer worth keeping on potential alone or should I just grab him in a late round of the draft? I’m leaning toward keeping Hill too because of the dearth of talent at MI. Thanks for the help!!


This is a tough one but I’d actually keep just two pitchers: Kershaw and Cain. I like Gallardo but he’s now walked at least 75 batters in three of his four big league seasons, thus resulting in a WHIP that is always significantly higher than the WHIPs of true fantasy aces or even #2 type SPs. Here at the 411, we generally value hitters over pitchers as the production of even mid-level hitters tends to be more consistent from year to year than that of even high-end starting pitching. Keeping two starting pitchers is more than enough in my opinion. I expect some regression from Hill, particularly in the AVG department, but the reality is that he’s performed exceptionally well ever since getting traded to Arizona towards the end of last season. I love the home ballpark too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he again reaches the 25 HR plateau and, like you said, getting those numbers from an MI is huge.

Anyway, here are my 10:

Stanton, Upton, Cargo, Longo, Tulo, Cain, Kershaw, Hill, Goldschmidt, Hosmer

I love Goldschmidt’s upside going forward, especially in the HR department, and I’m willing to remain patient with Hosmer. McCann is borderline but I view the C position as deeper than usual this year and for dynasty league purposes, I think we’ve already seen the best from him.


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