Pitch or Ditch for Sunday-Monday, March 31-April 1

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at San Diego Padres

Bold = Pitch



Harrison @ Norris – watch HOU though, they will score more than people think this year


Lester @ Sabathia

Shields @ Sale

Verlander @ Worley

King Felix @ Anderson

Nolasco @ Strasburg

Volquez @ Niese

Samardzija @ Burnett

Chacin @ Gallardo

Cain @ Kershaw

Hamels @ Hudson

Wainwright @ Kennedy

Weaver @ Cueto

***ZACH SAYS “Agree 100%. I’d at least think about pitching Volquez vs. a weak Mets’ lineup, but if you’re afraid to kick off your fantasy season with a 12.00 team ERA, you’re probably better off playing it safe.”


Ahh the return of Pitch or Ditch. All id right with the world again!!!!

P.S. I feel so bad for all Rockies fans that they best they can muster on Opening Day is Chacin.

Will you be posting the weekly league view of PoD like last year?



Two-start pitchers you mean? Yeah, I’ll start that next week.


yes, that and your Chart with (Aces, Grads, PoD, DTMs, and Indifferent). Both as such great tools for weekly leagues that get locked in Monday mornings, etc.

Billy Hamilton and Jedd Gyorko. I picked them in the late rounds and was wondering if i should hang on to them or drop them for active players? Any input on these guys would be appreciated. Thanks and so ready for some baseball!!

With Headley and Forsythe out, Gyorko pretty much has a spot on the Padres roster at 2B or 3B. When I researched him for a late rounder on my team, he ‘s appears to have tons of upside that I would definitely hold on to him at the moment.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Hamilton, Zach will have to fill you in there. I mainly targeted Eaton, Gyorko, and Myers and took Wil when the other 2 went back to back on the wheel by my brother.

Thanks Steve very much appreciated, good luck with your season!


As Steve said, definitely hang onto Gyorko. Unless it’s a keeper, non-mixed or very deep mixed league, I think you can safely drop Hamilton and try to re-acquire him later on. No need to use a bench spot on him for two months!


Jackie Bradley (assuming he makes the team) or Aaron hicks for final OF spot?


I’d go Bradley. More upside in my opinion, and he’ll get a real chance to prove that he belongs in the Majors, especially until Ortiz comes back.


I just want to mention:
Norris Stats at Home last year:
73.2 17 82 1.71 0.96
Why dont Pitch?

Ya I may roll the dice on Bud tonight! Astros win would make a fairy tale opening night headline.

with Ruggiano in a platoon status would you drop him for stubbs/ Maxwell/ or Brantley


Yeah, I was impressed by what I saw from Maxwell last night. I’d give him a shot.


Shoukd i trade dickey and youk for gallardo and seager i reallllly dont like dickey


Value-wise, that’s a very fair trade. Personally, I prefer Gallardo to Dickey and would give Seager the slight edge over Youk, but I also think Youk could be surprisingly solid. I’d make the trade but can certainly see the argument against it.


If you had to choose 1 pitcher for tomorrow out of these guys who would it be? Samaradjzia, volquez, or burnett

If you had to choose 1 of these pitchers for tomorrow who would you take?
Samardjzia, Burnett, or Brett Anderson?


As much as I’m not a huge Burnett fan, I think I’d go with him in both of these situations. I like the matchup and you’ve gotta give him props for what he did last season.


10 team H2H 15X15 no limit keeper- For long term value/upside; drop Machado & Profar (w/Andrus signing) for SP’s Teheran and Jose Fernandez? -Thanks RingKings


Pass. I tend to side with hitting prospects over pitching prospects. There’s simply a little less risk involved. I couldn’t bring myself to drop Machado or Profar.


Add’l thought on above, drop a Closer (Soriano, Hanrahan, Janssen, Perkins) and/or Jarrod Parker for Teheran or Fernandez? – Thanks RingKings

Pass. You’re getting too enamored with relatively unproven prospects. Even though it’s a keeper, it’s very important to remember that you’re playing to win this year too.


Thx Zach….I actually picked up Maxwell before the game last night and liked what I saw, I do realize the long season and he may go into a K slump again but nice opening day…here is a thought will they ever stop televising every Yankee/Red Sox game on the west coast and show some teams of interest(: just a vent

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