Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 2

MLB: Spring Training-Houston Astros at Washington Nationals


Hammel @ Price – not convinced Hammel will repeat but let’s see how it goes

Masterson @ Dickey –Masterson was terrible on the road last year, terrible

Darvish @ Harrell – Harrell was outstanding at home last year, let’s try it out

Iwakuma @ Parker

De La Rosa @ Estrada

J. Garcia @ Cahill – bullish on Garcia this year but his career home/road splits are ugly

Bumgarner @ Ryu – let’s see what Ryu has

***ZACH SAYS “I’ve got no issues with any of these. I’d be a bit hesitant to pitch Harrell but Cory’s reasoning is sound.”


Hey all,

Im in 5×5 mixed keeper league and have Miguel Montero (15) & Salvador Perez (18) at catcher & only 1 spot. I’m debating dropping one of them for Buchholz or Hellickson, both FA.
SP: Latos, Scherzer, J Zimmerman, Jarrod Parker, Morrow, & Niese.

Thanks as always,
Josh A


Pass. Both of those catchers are too valuable to drop and I don’t even think you have a real need for an additional SP. If you do want to pick one up though, I suggest either finding someone else to drop or pulling off a trade to open up an additional roster spot.


Hi guys, glad to be reading y’all for another season. I look at my draft and I’m already starting to panic. Its too early for that but I am. CBSsportsline H2H points league. I try to draft position players early but this draft EVERYONE started drafting pitchers early. I ended up with: Wainright, Latos, J Johnson, M Estrada, L Lynn, T Cahill, and J Teheran.

My position players are pretty strong: Avila, Freeman, Zobrist, Reyes, Miggy, Choo, Jennings, Bourn Bench: A Simmons, Middlebrooks, A Jackson, I Davis.

Should I offer up Reyes for a starting Pitcher? I feel comfortable with Simmons as my everyday SS.

W Y Chen, Maholm, Nova, V Worley, and J Parker are the quality of pitcher on the waiverwire. I start looking at the other squads Pitching and Im getting worried.

Thanks guys for any input.


That’s not a bad position to be in. You are plenty deep in terms of bench hitters, so I actually would think about dealing either Freeman or an OF, as both Davis and Jackson are starting worthy players. But I might wait a bit to see how things play out. Your pitching might turn out to be not as bad as you think.


Which side you like?
A. Darvish
B. A. Gordon and Lincecum


Darvish, and it’s not even close. Considering what happened last night though, that offer might no longer be on the table!


Thanks Zach, appreciate the response.

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