Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 3

Big Erv!

Big Erv!


Big Erv @ Peavy – no love for Big Erv just yet since Siano isn’t around
Ogando @ Humber – Ogando a nice sleeper this year
An. Sanchez @ Correia
Buchholz @ Kurodawait and see on Buchholz
Jimenez @ Morrow
W. Chen @ Hellickson – still not a big Chen believer, but the results say pitch
Saunders @ Milone
Wilson @ Latos
Jackson @ Wandy
Slowey @ G. Gonzalez
Halladay @ Maholm – watch Halladay closely though after the poor spring
Richard @ HarveyRichard still for home games only
Nicasio @ W. Peralta – Peralta was erratic this spring but has big upside
Lynn @ McCarthy
Lincecum @ Beckett – this could be 2-1 or 9-7


Lincecum v. Beckett is quite possibly the most interesting match up of the year. Both guys could win people some leagues this year.

How high are you guys on Miami’s Jose Fernandez? Obviously it’s all speculation at this point but if Ervin has a good start tomorrow whose a better “wait and see” add? My staff is gonna need all the help it can get.

14 team head to head 5×5

B. Anderson
E. Jackson
C.j. Wilson
G. Cole
J. Hammel
C. Billingsley

Almost forgot, thanks in advance, love this blog.


I’d lean towards Erv for now just because of the body of work, but let’s see how he does today.


Hi guys, glad to be reading y’all for another season. I look at my draft and I’m already starting to panic. Its too early for that but I am. CBSsportsline H2H points league. I try to draft position players early but this draft EVERYONE started drafting pitchers early.

I ended up with: Wainright, Latos, J Johnson, M Estrada, L Lynn, T Cahill, and J Teheran.

My position players are pretty strong: Avila, Freeman, Zobrist, Reyes, Miggy, Choo, Jennings, Bourn Bench: A Simmons, Middlebrooks, A Jackson, I Davis.

Should I offer up Reyes for a starting Pitcher? I feel comfortable with Simmons as my everyday SS.

W Y Chen, Maholm, Nova, V Worley, and J Parker are the quality of pitcher on the waiverwire. I start looking at the other squads Pitching and Im getting worried.
Thanks guys for any input.


Just answered this question on the previous post.


Hav to agree wit the lincecum beckett matchup lol

What do you think of this trade in a keeper league?


Cano & Revere (or Gomez)


Harper & Altuve


This will be answered on today’s podcast.


Can you link the podcast?


Check our twitter account (@fantasy411). We tweet the links every time a new podcast comes out.

I have Castro and Simmons for ss with segura available and my of is really deep. I have solid pitching so should I package ethier and Castro for another big pitcher or power bat?


Depends on who we’re talking about but generally speaking, I don’t like to make trades this early in the season unless you have a glaring weakness on your roster.


Cheers, great podcast.

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