Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 4

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves


Blanton @ Arroyo – keep an eye on Blanton; great ratios

Porcello @ Pelfrey – Porcello had a huge spring and is still only 24

Guthrie @ Floyd

M. Gonzalez @ R. Hernandez – sad face that Jeff Niemann is not in this spot

Maurer @ Griffin – wait and see on Maurer

Dempster @ Pettitte

Myers @ Buehrle

Wood @ McDonald – McDonald still has upside despite awful second half last year

Stults @ Gee – Gee a sleeper breakout candidate this year

LeBlanc @ Zimmermann

Lee @ Medlen

***ZACH SAYS “I’d take a shot on Buehrle, one of the most overlooked yet steady pitchers in the game. He’s the type of guy who if you own him, you pitch him. Hard to play matchups. Agree on rest.”


Should I not take a chance on Travis Wood?


Not a terrible gamble but I just couldn’t do it, at least not before seeing him put together a few solid starts this season.


What do you think of this trade in a keeper league?
Wright & Revere & Kuroda
Lee & Lester & Balfour


I wouldn’t do it, primarily because I value elite hitters over elite starting pitchers, particularly in a keeper league. The Wright for Lee swap is not something I’d do and Kuroda to Lester is pretty much a lateral move.


This Pitch and Ditch has helped and will likely continue to help my fantasy team to an unbelievable extent. Thank you guys.

ALSO, my friends made a trade earlier this year that I thought was absolutely ridiculous, and I wanted your opinion:

Adam Jones, Doug Fister, Hyun Jin Ryu, and Mo Rivera for Longoria, Fowler, Papelbon and Tommy Milone.


I don’t see anything wrong with that trade…seems fairly balanced to me.


I currently have Cozart at SS in a deep league. Peralta is available to pick up. I do not have room on roster for both. Who do you like better for next month or so ( in month I have Headley coming back to play 3rd, then I can move Scutaro from 3rd to SS ).
Thank you


I actually like Peralta this year as an undervalued player and would take him over Cozart. He’s more proven and that Tigers’ lineup is stacked. Peralta should see plenty of RBI opportunities.


I think you’ll like what you see in Maurer…Guy was considered 4th of the M’s stud starting pitching prospects with Walker/Hultzen/Paxton…yet he’s the one who makes the big jump from Double-A to the Majors 1st! He’s been throwing great and I’ve been impressed by the make-up of the kid and think everyone outside of seattle will take notice of him soon enough! Thanks Fellas!!!

Ahoy, there! My starters at the corners are Ike Davis, Miggy Cabrera, with Trumbo as the backup. I, unfortunately, couldn’t resist drafting Middlebrooks, Belt, and Machado, as well, but probably need to drop one to pick up some pitching. Whom would you drop? Love the site!


I’d lean towards dropping Belt but the fact that you have such great backups on offense suggests that a trade for an SP upgrade might be your best bet.


How do you see a trade of Joey Votto & Angel Pagan for Jason Heyward & Paul Goldschmidt?

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