Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 5

MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies at Baltimore Orioles


Nova @ Fister – Fister’s awful spring is a concern but not enough yet to bench him
Vargas @ Holland
Hendriks @ Arrieta
Doubront @ Johnson
McAllister @ Moore – keep an eye on McAllister though…
Straily @ Peacock – Straily pitching for his job
Beavan @ Quintana – Quintana has major strikeout potential
Marquis @ Francis
Westbrook @ Zito
Sanabia @ Hefner
Haren @ Bailey – both are somewhat risky here but it’s early…
Feldman @ Minor
Miley @ Lohse – conservative minds may bench Lohse and I won’t complain
J.Sanchez @ Greinke
W.Davis @ Kendrick – my sleeper breakout of the season makes his debut, but I’ll wait and see on Davis


You really think Holland and Bailey are ok plays at home? I think I have to disagree


It’s early. Why not!


Arrieta with a lingering blister…does this worry you at all?


Haven’t heard much about this but if he’s OK enough to pitch, I do like the matchup.


Seems like I nailed it on Travis Wood. No chance of Francis against Padres?

That’s pushing it, Dave! I couldn’t do it.


What do you guys figure the risk of taking Vargas is? I like the pitcher, hate the matchup, but I’m in a sticky situation right now and need anything I can get. Do you like Vargas as a desperation move?


A terrible matchup and keep in mind that Vargas’ ERA on the road last year was more than two runs higher than his ERA at home.


Alright, I added Beavan instead, I need some fireworks or something and CHW lineup doesn’t exactly make me sleepless at night. Do you think there’s any chance for Beavan?

Where are the pitch or ditch charts for 2013?

Ditto. I know it’s still early, but PoD charts would be awesome. Any ETA on when we can expect this?

I’ll aim to have one up by the end of next week. Very hectic around here and the rotations have yet to really stabilize.


How do you see a trade of Joey Votto & Angel Pagan for Jason Heyward & Paul Goldschmidt?


I like side B. Yeah, Votto’s the best player in the deal, but Heyward is a close second and Pagan is by far #4.


Kendrick is your sleeper breakout for the year? or is it davis ??

Off the wall opinion needed -__-

Recently got a big box trade offer… Bautista & Pedroia for Cano & Longoria.

Mind you I have Kemp, Choo, Gordon & Bourne in addition to Bautista, as for 2nd I also have Kinsler…

What are you’re thoughts


What is this, a 6-team league? Yeah, I guess I’d make that trade, if for no other reason than Longoria is the least appealing player of the four.


Which Beyer stream option today in ur opinion straily quintana or minor Thanks


Minor. And I don’t really view him as strictly a PoD guy. He deserves a permanent roster spot until further notice.


Yea I have him in my lineup the question was for my daily fanduel lineup Thanks again

@Stu: Can you answer my question please???

I just made a trade in my fantasy league, was wondering what you think (I am ‘OHIO’):

OHIO traded Nick Markakis, Bal OF to CBS
OHIO traded Martin Prado, Ari OF to CBS
CBS traded Josh Hamilton, LAA OF to OHIO

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