Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 6-8

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers



Lackey @ Happ

King Felix @ Axelrod

Hanson @ Harrison – keep an eye on Hanson, but ditch for now

Phelps @ Scherzer

Worley @ Tillman – risk/reward on both

Bauer @ Cobb – not going for Bauer yet in vanilla leagues

Colon @ Bedard – Colon was awesome last year, take a shot

Nolasco @ Niese

Detwiler @ Leake – Detwiler worth watching but tough matchup/ballpark

S.Miller @ Vogelsong

Corbin @ Fiers

Villanueva @ Teheran – Villanueva worth watching, but bad matchup

Ross @ Garland – play the over

Burnett @ Kershaw

Mendoza @ Lannan


Lester @ Dickey

Sabathia @ Verlander

De Vries @ Hammel

Masterson @ Price

Anderson @ Norris

Iwakuma @ Sale

Weaver @ Darvish

J. Fernandez @ Laffey – Fernandez is an elite prospect and not a bad debut matchup

Strasburg @ Cueto

Samardzija @ Hudson

Kennedy @ Gallardo

Wainwright @ Cain

Locke @ Ryu – Ryu showed some promise in his debut, give him a shot

Volquez @ Chacin

Shields @ Hamels


W.Chen @ Buchholz – risk/reward on both, I’m not a fan

Kuroda @ Jimenez

Correia @ Big Erv

Hellickson @ Ogando

Harrell @ Saunders – Harrell not as enticing on the road

Estrada @ Jackson

Latos @ J. Garcia – Garcia has tremendous home splits in his career

Harvey @ Halladay

Maholm @ Slowey –

Wandy @ Cahill

De La Rosa @ Bumgarner


What’s the reasoning behind ditching Harrison?

That was a mistake…good catch.

No Chacin against the Padres? Is Happ to risky to go?

Halladay’s match up against the Mets looks very favorable but after his debut start against Atlanta, would it not be a such a bad idea to take a wait and see approach and leave him on the bench this start?

Any suggestions for first base? I’m struggling with konerko & have swish but I’m considering giving up kemp or ellsbury to get a productive reliable bat…. Help?


Stand pat. Don’t overreact from Konerko’s slow start. He’s a proven, consistent producer.


its early in the season but I dropped Hicks for Ruggiano and picked up Brian Roberts and put him on the DL since Ackley and Keppinger have not done anything at the 2B position….you think Ruggiano will win the starter job in Miami?


He’s been playing every day so far and has been producing, so there’s every reason to think that he has a strong hold on the starting job.


What about Bud Norris…. He is taking bedards start today…. Pitch?

Pitch Bud Norris who is nabbing the Bedard start?

Best option for sundy fernandez or norris thanks

Since Bud Norris has gone from a Sunday to a Saturday start, so Fernandez is your only option then.

Need to drop a pitcher Clippard or Storen? Thanks guys. Love the show!


That’s a tough one but Storen’s been a little shaky so far and I think the Nats have more trust in Clippard as the next in line closer behind Soriano, so I’d drop Storen.


I know the Guys take the weekend off so I’m asking any of y’all that are reading here this weekend. I’ve got an offer for M. Bourn for B. Morrow. I know Morrow is an injury risk and plays in the AL but what do y’all think of this? He’s got great potential if he can stay healthy. I know Bourn is getting older and maybe ready to lose a step but Damn if he isn’t a consistant, steady player so don’t want to give him away for nothing. Thoughts?

Unless I needed an of I would keep Morrow.

I would keep Bourne. Morrow is a huge risk

Thanks, I ended up thinking the same thing, I turned down the offer..

Should I start Lincecum for week 2 for his 2 starts or keep him on the bench until he proves to be reliable option? I’m torn on which way to go. The match ups are ok (rockies home, cubs away). What do you advise?

I also have Haren on my team and he gets one start against the White Sox at home. Start?

Its so frustrating owning these former great pitchers. On the flip side though if they do regain some of their former glory they are slotted in against the third and fourth starter for the other team. How do you see things shaking out with these guys? Thanks!


I was high on both heading into the season as bounce back candidates but am obviously not liking what I’m seeing so far. In a standard mixed league, I wouldn’t be opposed to benching Haren. The matchup isn’t great either. I’d give Lincecum another chance though for the two-start week.


Guys- 5×5 roto vanilla 16 teamer. 10 position player starters, 3 batters bench. Start 4 OF and utility. I have OF-Braun, Harper ,Bourgos, just picked up Heisey. At 1B rotate Lind and Moreland. I’m using Ch. Davis in OF also 1B eligible [with Frazier also 1B eligible filling in for Lawrie at 3b.] Should I ditch Lind or Moreland , when Lawrie comes back assuming Frazier keeps a bench spot. What do you project for OF Heisey assuming full season


Just answered this on the previous post.


Really worried about Dickey, seems he’s batting practice for AL teams so far.

Should I be willing to sell him off for 70 cents on the dollar? So regretting not taking Grienke or Bum now.


I was not a fan of Dickey heading into the season, and while I’m not sure if I’d sell him at 70 cents on the dollar, would I sell him for 80 cents on the dollar? Absolutely!🙂 My point is that if you can get back a soft ace type (like a Wainwright, for example), it’s worth considering.


what do you think of Solano for 2B as mentioned above I have Ackley and Keppinger…would you drop either for him?


Nah, I’d stand pat for now.



usually I dont start to panic after one week but this year i am. my pitching is getting rocked. Weaver left tonights game with an arm injury Gallardo got rocked for the second game in a row and Cain got rocked in stl too. yesterday scherzer got rocked and Greg Holland blew a save. Am i reading too much into all of this or is there reason for concern with any of these guys i mentioned? especially weaver?


Hey, I’m not a paid Fantasy guru like these guys, so take this how you will. Don’t worry about Cain or Scherzer. Cain has a history a mile long of consistently great play so everyone has a bad game once in awhile. Scherzer is young but all the talent in the world and He will be fine too. I have Gallardo in one league and He does worry me. Didn’t have a great season last year and seems to have picked up right where he left off. I actually sat him this week because I had another alternative. I need to see how badly Weaver was hurt, but that bums me out because he was a guy I was targeting as a possible trade for. Its good to be concerned but some of it is misplaced IMHO. good luck this season



Relax! I’m totally not concerned about Cain or Gallardo and wouldn’t panic yet about Weaver either. Holland scares me a little since the Royals do have other viable closer options, but I still don’t think that a change is imminent.


someone in my league just dropped Dickey….I picked him up and dropped Teheran…right decision?

no-brainer if you ask me. Sure the guy has had a rough start, but he won a cy-young last year with over 20 wins.

Hey guys

I’m looking to upgrade my 2B in my 5×5 12 team Rot. I ended up with Neil Walker and have A. Escobar and Jed Lowrie for SS & MI. Would Matt Carpenter be an upgrade? I like his position flexibility but it wouldn’t do me much good unless I keep another 2B.

For what it’s worth, my offense is excellent as a whole. 10-12 points in all 5 categories.

Be well



I’d stick with what you’ve got. I don’t see Carpenter as a significant enough upgrade over Lowrie or Escobar.



I’m wondering do I hold onto J Parker or drop him for Jose Fernandez?



Although I’d try to find a way to pick up Fernandez, I wouldn’t drop Parker to do it. So if that’s your only option, sit tight.


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