Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 4/8

MLB: Spring Training-Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays

Zach here,

Time for my inaugural two-start pitcher post for 2013. Every Friday, I’ll run through some of the more interesting two-start pitcher options for the following week and come to a decision as to whether I’d pitch ’em or ditch ’em. Keep in mind that I’ll only be covering the tougher calls. You don’t need me to tell you that you should start Mat Latos or Madison Bumgarner!

OK, let’s get started.

                                                                                                                                                 Wei-Yin Chen  (@BOS, @NYY)

The way the Yankees are hitting right now, the @NYY matchup actually seems like a favorable one, and while going into Fenway is always scary, note that Chen went 2-0 with a 2.50 ERA in three starts vs. the Red Sox last year and was 1-0 with a 3.00 ERA in his two Fenway Park outings. Chen pitched well enough in his 2013 debut for me to trust him next week. Pitch.

Paul Maholm  (@MIA, @WAS)

Fresh off a strong performance versus a solid Phillies’ lineup, Maholm has one ultra-favorable matchup and one risky matchup next week. The fact that he wasn’t nearly as effective away from Turner Field last year makes this a somewhat tough decision. But much like Milone, at this point in the season I’ll roll the dice and say pitch.

Ubaldo Jimenez  (vs. NYY, vs. CHW)

Kudos to Ubaldo for handling the Blue Jays on the road, but it’s going to take more than just one start to convince me that he’s back to his old form. He’s the kind of guy who can blow up at any moment, and it’s not like this pair of matchups is ideal. Jimenez is someone to keep a close eye on, but I’m still skeptical. Ditch.

Ervin Santana  (vs. MIN, vs. TOR)

Big Erv’s 2013 debut was a mediocre one as he struck out eight but also served up three homers. The vs. MIN matchup is intriguing, and I might take a chance on him there in a daily league, but the vs. TOR start could be a disaster. In a weekly format, I’ll take the conservative route and ditch.

Clayton Richard  (vs. LAD, vs. COL)

I actually started Richard in Tout Wars for his road matchup against the Mets, thinking that the Amazins’ lineup was weak enough to warrant pitching Clayton, even though he was on the road. Apparently not. He’s back to being a strict home play, but the good news is that he’ll be at Petco for both of next week’s starts. The bad news is that both the Dodgers and Rockies have dangerous lineups. I’ll lean towards giving Richard another chance since he’s at home, but if you’re scared off by his awful showing against the Mets, I totally understand. He’s a real toss-up.

Lucas Harrell  (@SEA, @LAA)

The fact that Harrell pitched well versus a high-powered Rangers’ lineup is encouraging, and I did like him as an under the radar pick going into the season. But his ERA on the road last year was nearly two and a half runs higher than his ERA at home. The Angels’ lineup is no slouch and I expect the Mariners’ offense to be much improved from last year. I’d be wary of Harrell next week. But if you want to take a chance on him, that’s fine. Another toss-up but this time I’ll lean in the ditch direction.

Jorge De La Rosa  (@SF, @SD)

De La Rosa has been a 411 favorite for awhile now and you’ve got to like this set of matchups. That said, he got roughed up by the Brewers on Tuesday and it might take him some time to get back in the groove since he’s coming back from a major injury. I’d take a wait and see approach with him until he strings together a few strong performances. But he should get a lot better as the season rolls along.

Brett Myers  (vs. NYY, vs. CHW)

He got bombed in his season debut at Toronto, so it’s simply too hard to trust him right now unless it’s an especially favorable matchup. These aren’t favorable matchups. Ditch. However, Myers could work his way up to being an intriguing PoD/two-start pitcher option at some point in the near future.


When Phil Hughes comes off the DL, him or Edwin Jackson? Or do you think both are nothing more than pitch or ditch types?


E-Jax. And he’s not just PoD. He’s a grad in my opinion.


Currently have arencibia at catcher someone dropped doumit which is better guy until I get mccan back and is mccan better than both options when he does come back thanks again


I’d rank them McCann, Doumit, Arencibia.


Two questions. One, why is marcum off the DL if he can’t play? And two, if I need to bring him back, who do I drop, Doubront or Kendrick?


It looks like the Mets just haven’t decided what to do with him. I’d actually just drop Marcum in this scenario. I’m getting the sense that he’ll have health issues like this all year.


Hi guys, H2H CBSsportsline weekly points league.
Alex Avila looks bad at the plate. Its early but I drafted him so late I’m wondering if I should stick with him, even though hes not hitting and might miss next week because of the birth of his child, or drop him for another option. I thought he’d be a good bounce back late round pick but ….

some of the options out there are J Lucroy, S Perez, Iannetta, Pierzynski, Salty, and Flowers.

I sometimes have a problem dropping guys because after I draft them, they become “my” guys, I know its stupid so Im looking for your non partisan opinion. Thanks


To be honest, I have the same problem. And I do like Avila this year. But I’m shocked that guys like Perez and LuCroy are available on your waiver wire. I think I’d go with Perez.


Thanks. I was leaning towards, if I dropped Avila, picking up Perez. Your advice made the decision an easy one for me. Y’all are the best Fantasy Baseball guys around. Appreciate it.

Shelby Millers debut on this Sat, your thoughts on POD?

Guys- 5×5 roto vanilla. I have OF-Braun, Harper, Davis, and…Bourgos, just picked up Heisey. At 1B rotate Lind and Moreland [with Frazier who now is filling in for Lawrie at 3b.] Should I ditch Lind or Moreland or an OF Heisey or Bourgos, when Lawrie comes back


I’m fine with ditching Lind for Heisey. I’ve pretty much had it with Lind. And it’s not just because of the slow start. He just hasn’t been a productive hitter for a couple seasons now.


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