Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 9

MLB: Texas Rangers at Kansas City Royals


Morrow @ An. Sanchez

Pettitte @ Carrasco – Carrasco one to watch but not to use just yet

R. Hernandez @ Tepesch

Pelfrey @ Guthrie – Guthrie keeps getting it done since coming to KC

Parker @ Wilson

Bedard @ Maurer – wait and see on Bedard… Seattle not the automatic “pitch” of last year

Beckett @ Richard – always use Richard at home

Gee @ Lee – Gee a nice sleeper this year but poor home/away splits

Medlen @ LeBlanc

W. Peralta @ Wood

Arroyo @ Lynn

McDonald @ McCarthy – McDonald was lights out in his season debut

Nicasio @ Lincecum

Peavy @ G. Gonzalez


I’m concerned about Parker after his last start and being away from home and all. Are my fears justified?


I’m not concerned yet. Let’s see how he does tonight, and if he gets bombed it might be time to start thinking about pitching him only at home until further notice.


Hey Zach, two questions for ya.
1) Drop Huston Street for Jim Henderson?
2) Contemplating of offering someone Votto for Strasburg and Freeman. How do feel about that? More info: I am very deep in hitting and need a solid consistent ace.


1. Absolutely not.

2. Not a crazy idea but you would be gambling that Freeman won’t miss more than 2-3 weeks. But since you say you’re very strong in hitting already, I don’t have a huge problem with that trade.


2 questions: 1) Parker or Maholm?
2) Drop Lucroy for Buck & don’t get caught up in the early season hype with Buck?

Sorry, that’s meant to be an “or”, not “&”.


1. Parker
2. Don’t get caught up in the early-season hype with Buck. This guy could very easily go 5 for his next 50. I’d rather not ride that roller coaster. I’m still high on LuCroy this year.


How is Cliff Lee a sleeper? He is owned in 99% of leagues and is one of the best SPs of the last several years

Cory’s talking about Dillon Gee, not Cliff Lee😉

Gee is the sleeper.


Where does it say that Cliff Lee is a sleeper? Cory’s talking about Gee.


Would it be wise of me to drop Kenley Jansen for Kelvin Herrera? Thinking i should but with 3 drop/pickups per week im making sure.


I’d lean towards no but it’s a tough decision. The Royals still say they’re committed to Holland as their closer and they also have Crow as an option. I think down the road you might regret that move, especially if Jansen ends up closing at some point. You could just as easily get zero saves from Herrera. Would I be surprised if Jansen saves more games than Herrera from here on out? Nope.



First question of the year for me…Is it to early to be thinking of picking up Norichika Aoki,(MIL ) or Vernon Wells (NY)and dropping either Tori Hunter or Austin Jackson? I am in a 9 team league with two keepers.



Personally, I’d take Aoki over Hunter any day.


Which fast starter do you like better: Maholm or Masterson?


I’d give the slight edge to Maholm. He might not have as much upside as Masterson but he’s a little less prone to the disaster outing.


Was offered Jay Bruce n aybar 4 my Hanley n grilli thoughts


Very fair, and I’d lean towards accepting, provided that you have other closer options.


Cishek was dropped today, is he worth a pick up for saves? I have Paplebon/ Holland/ Parnell currently….to pick him up Id probably have to drop Keppinger or Ackley…I also have Brian Roberts on the DL…..or Im thinking of picking up Grandal as a 3rd catcher but again would need to drop someone…thx


Yeah, I’d definitely scoop up Cishek, probably for Ackley but it depends on your 2B and 3B situations.


Hi guys, CBSSportsline H2H 10 team weekly scoring league.

SP: Wainright, Latos, M. Estrada, J. Johnson, Lynn
RP: Romo, A. Reed

Bench: J.Masterson, J. Mcdonald, T. Cahill

Not comfortable with Cahill at all, not good to be called out by your manager after your second start. Masterson and Mcdonald seem like decent bets with high upside so I’d like to hold onto them. Trading Cahill after his dismal start isnt an option.

Waiver wire guys are Chen, J. Parker, J. Teheran, Hammel. Would you drop Cahill for one of them or Ive been thinking of trying and get Weaver on the cheap now that hes injured. If I pull that off would you feel comfortable dropping cahill or do you think Id regret it?

Thanks guys. Im stumped on this one as Im really not feeling Cahill even when he wasnt stinking it up with his pitch placement.



I’ve never been a huge Cahill fan but at the same time I don’t think it’s time to flat out dump him. His two stars really haven’t been terrible (at least the K’s are nice). I’d give him some more time.


In a ten teamer, waiver claim day is tomorrow. I have belt, teheran, boggs that are close to being dropped due to performances. Do I drop any or all for K. Herrera, Henderson, Iwakuma, Chacin, or Masterson?
My closing situation is ugly with boggs and holland.

I wish Iwakuma was available in my league

Or crow instead or herrera, just heard on the mlb network that crow has the job?


The only move I’d make would be to drop Teheran for Henderson. In a 10-teamer, solid starting pitching will always be available on the wire.


I picked up Cishek and dropped Ackley which leaves me with just Keppinger for 2B, I have Howard at 1st and Smoak as a back up…..Kepp can also play 1st would you prefer the ackley drop or Smoak….I can ride with Kepp as my only 2nd baseman for a bit until Roberts returns who I just picked up when someone dropped him and have Hanley on DL for Mi…will need to drop someone when Roberts returns and Hanley also….Have Moustakas and middlebrooks at 3b and CI…I have extra OF with Beltran/ D Brown/ and D murphy/ ruggiano…if it came down to it which one would you drop if production hasnt increased by end of May?

Ask me at the end of May:-)

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