Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 10

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics


Buehrle @ Porcello

Moore @ Holland

Nova @ Myers

Arrieta @ Dempster – I could take or leave either of ‘em

Hendriks @ W. Davis – gamble on Davis vs. weak Twins lineup

Milone @ Blanton – Milone was terrible on the road last year

Peacock @ Beavan – gamble on Beavan a) at home and b) vs. weak Astros

Bailey @ Westbrook

J. Sanchez @ Miley

Francis @ Zito

Hefner @ Kendrick – trying Kendrick again at home

Minor @ Sanabia

Lohse @ Feldman

Billingsley @ Stults

Floyd @ Zimmermann


Interesting trade proposal….I give Harvey and get Hamels in return…an obvious buy low and sell high opportunity. I’m a little worried about giving up some K potential, but Hamels is an established guy on a better team. Should I pull the trigger or do you think there is something to Hamels’ recent struggles? I like Harvey a lot but I’m not sure I can pass up this opportunity.


Yeah, I think you have to go for that one. I like Harvey too but like you said it’s also a great time to get maximum value for him.


I’m really excited for Homer’s start tomorrow. Has this guy really turned the corner and become the pitcher the Red’s drafted?

For me, the jury is still out, but he’s getting very close to that point…certainly a great breakthrough candidate.



Griffin is available on the wire in my league and I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to drop either K.Jansen or J.Rutledge to pick him up? With Weaver out 4-6 weeks and Garza still not back im running a 4 man rotation with Cain,Scherzer,Gallardo and Ogando. My closers are Nathan, Street, Holland, and Henderson. I really like Jansen and Rutledge is my backup 2B/MI. Im just not sure a 4 man rotation is going to get it done. What are your thoughts?



Yeah, I don’t think a four-man rotation is going to get it done either, but don’t you have other drop options? Another possibility would be to try to trade Rutledge for a better pitcher than Griffin. I’m just not a Griffin fan.


In a H2H points league, giving away napoli and garza for harrison and walker. I have rosario for catcher so I dont really need napoli. Good or bad trade?


Pass. I don’t think you’re getting enough back here. Yeah, Napoli is expendable, but not for Walker. Once Garza comes back, I actually would prefer him over Harrison.


Been offered kipnis 4 my melky in a deep 12 team roto I need 2nd badly do it ? Current 2nd base is rutledge/kelly Johnson also stephen drew on waiver he worth a pickup when he cleared 2 play ? Thanks again


Yeah, I’d make that trade. It’s fair value and suits your needs.


we confidently givin billingsley the go

He did pretty well!

Yes he did i took the chance great call thanks

Looks like Motte may be done for the season. Do you think Boggs stays the closer? If you were speculating, who would you pick up?


Yeah, I still think Boggs is the guy, despite Monday’s blowup.


Im in a 12 team Dynasty league and our commish just added another minors slot to the roster. Which of these players is the best pick-up: Jake Odorizzi, Taijuan Walker, Tony Cingranni, Jameson Taillon, or James Paxton?

Add Matt Adams to that list, but I already have Hosmer, Butler, Fielder, and Votto


Haven’t seen enough of these guys to say for sure, but I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen from Taillon, and would not be at all surprised if he’s with the big club around the All-Star break.


Should I drop Kelly Johnson 4 stephen drew deep roto league


I would, but I’m pretty biased since K-Jo has ruined a few of my fantasy seasons! He’s DTM.


Hi Zach,

Fister is on FA. Should i take him for Vogelsong?

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