Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 11

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Cleveland Indians


Johnson @ Fister – tough matchup for both but worth trying
Hughes @ McAllister – not ready to use either yet
Tillman @ Aceves
Griffin @ Vargas
Grimm @ King Felix
Vogelsong @ Villanueva
Greinke @ Marquis
Axelrod @ Haren – another try at home for Haren


I think Vargas is worth a shot at home. What do you think? Also, of these guys struggling in the early going who is any of them are you worried about Moose, Heyward, Craig?


Yeah, this isn’t a terrible time to use Vargas, though the OAK lineup isn’t as bad as it’s been in years past. Of those three hitters, I’m least confident in Moustakas, though I do expect 25 homers from him, even if his AVG is mediocre.


What’s the reason behind Griifin against the Halos? I am desperate for a couple starts this week but that line-up still scares me even when struggling.

How long does a comment take in moderation? WE ARE DEALING WITH TIME SENSITIVE ISSUES! ///

I really surprised you think Griffin is a go with the Angels line up.

I should mention its a QS league.

I trusted you and pitched Griffin in both my leagues. I shall never doubt again. Cheers.

I got a very interesting trade offer, Trout and C.J. Wilson for J. Upton and Gallardo…who wins?


That’s a challenge trade! As much as I love Upton this year (he’s on three of my five teams), I think I’d make that deal.


You guys have a PoD chart for 2013?

Cory – how do you justify starting Josh Johnson in Detroit? I would have asked this question before he gave up 6 ER in 1 1/3 innings. I disagree that the matchup was “worth trying.”

Hey guys, should I send Peavy for Halladay? I have pretty strong top SP (even for H2H) in Strasburg, Lee, & Scherzer, and my depth is looking good with solid starts from Miley, Minor, and Estrada. I think I can afford the risk, but is it worth giving up a solid middle rotation guy (even with perpetual health risk…) in Peavy? Thanks!

Hi Zach,
Fister is on FA. Should i take him for Vogelsong?

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