Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 13-15

MLB: Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves



Harvey @ Diamond – Harvey has all the marks of a top-10 starter, right now!

Price @ Lester – impressive turnaround for Lester in the early going

Sale @ McAllister

Hammel @ Kuroda

Verlander @ Anderson

Dickey @ Shields – only two starts, hang with ‘em

Harrell @ Richards

Ogando @ Saunders

Bumgarner @ Samardzija

Hudson @ Strasburg

Gallardo @ Wainwright – Gallardo a slow starter who struggles vs. STL so OK to bench if you have a better option

Cueto @ Locke

Hamels @ Fernandez – let’s see what Fernandez does against a better offense…

Ryu @ Kennedy – let’s see what Ryu does against a better offense…

Chacin @ Volquez – Padres may be missing their three best hitters (Headley, Grandal, Quentin)


Gee @ Correia – bench Gee on the road for now

Peavy @ Myers

Hellickson @ Buchholz

Morrow @ Big Erv

Humber @ Wilson

An. Sanchez @ Parker – Parker’s stuff was fine last time out, but command has been awful… monitor this closely…

Tepesch @ Maurer

W. Chen @ Pettitte

Halladay @ Slowey

Maholm @ G. Gonzalez – play it safe with Maholm on the road vs. a top offense

Latos @ Wandy – Wandy might not start due to a sore hammy

Estrada @ J. Garcia

Lincecum @ Jackson – your call on Lincecum

De La Rosa @ Richard – always start Richard at home

Beckett @ Cahill


R. Hernandez @ Dempster – your call on Dempster; I’ll pass

Floyd @ Buehrle

Blanton @ Pelfrey

Bedard @ Milone

Lee @ Arroyo – your call on Arroyo; I’ll pass

Lynn @ McDonald

Zimmermann @ LeBlanc

Hefner @ Nicasio

Stults @ Billingsley


Still sticking with Halladay huh? Have you seen him pitch?

As always, thank for the recommendations.

Also, loved the podcast today. Good tangents.

Ditch on CJ for now?

Who else here thinks Carlos Quentin’s 8 game suspension was not a serious enough punishment? I think he should have to miss as many games as Greinke would miss.

I’ve got an excess of Catchers and Steals right now. I was trying to trade to attain Jordan Zimmerman to fill out my pitching which had held up quite well so far. Is is too much to offer Carlos Gomez and J. Montero for Zimm? I have C. Santana and Gattis. Or should I wait around on Jesus?


Not too much at all. I’d make that trade. Zim is a legit #2 type SP.


I’ve got an excess of Catchers and Steals right now. I was trying to trade to attain Jordan Zimmerman to fill out my pitching which had held up quite well so far. Is is too much to offer Carlos Gomez and J. Montero for Zimm? I have C. Santana and Gattis. Or should I wait around on Jesus? 12 team 5 x 5 with ops and QS. Thanks guys.

hey guys, i see you have hellickson as a “pitch”. i sorta gave up on him after his poor 2012 and poor start to 13… not to mention the lack of K’s. do you think this is just a favorable matchup or that he turns it around and becomes the pitcher we all envisioned a few years back… right now i’m thinking barely own-able in a 10 team mixed maybe a stasher in a keeper league. thanks guys


Well, he was certainly impressive today. He’s still young, so I’d be patient with him. Nice to see the K’s today too!



I really need a 5th starter to help me out until Weaver and Garza get back. The best options on the wire seem to be, Griffin, Norris, Guthrie, Chacin and BigErv. Would you pick any of these guys up to hold that spot and if so who would you drop?

My reserves are McCann, Frazier, Rutledge and Cuddyer.
My league doesnt have DL spots so Weaver,Garza and McCann are all taking up roster spots. I tried to deal Rutledge and Cuddyer but nobody is biting. 2 catcher league and my main 2 are Pierzynski and Avila. The other option I have is A.Escobar who is my starting MI but i think he will have a better season in the end than Rutledge.

Also I dropped Kenley Jansen and picked up Chris Perez. Smart move or did i make a mistake?



Simply playing PoD is an option, though I consider Erv to be the best long-term bet. I’d drop Rutledge, who is off to a terrible start and who I felt was overrated heading into the season. I’m fine with Perez for Jansen. One is a closer while the other is not…simple as that.


think david murphy(Tex) is a drop? My MI is weak right now with Hanley and Reyes on the DL so Im starting Peralta at SS and Drew at MI and have Valdespin as a bck up MI Getz is available also have 7 OFs (Maxwell/Beltran/ McCutchen, J Upton/ Gomez/ Brown and Murphy…..


I wouldn’t go crazy over Getz, so pass. I’d sit tight with the players you have.


In a 12 team points league I give votto and I get laroche and c. Lee. I’m seriously perplexed!


We answered this question on today’s podcast, so be sure to check it out.


Masterson, Maholm or Iwakuma? And would any of them be worth woning over Parker?


Of that three, I’d take Iwakuma, but I’m not ready to drop Parker just yet.


Should I trade my Jason Heyward for Cole Hamels? Or my A. Gordon for Shields?
My pitching is struggling with Kershaw, Milone, Lincecum, Ryu, The Shark, and Niese.
Or should I temporarily hold off and hit the waiver wire with Norris, Detwiler, and Ervin Santana still being available?

The league is a ten teamer, so it is somewhat shallow.


Waiver wire!


Hey Zach,

Jeremy Hellickson or Josh Beckett in a 10t, h2h, mixed league?


Rich D.


I’d go with Beckett. He’s been solid so far, and when healthy, I think he has the higher ceiling, particularly in the K department. Also, the NL West is a far more favorable division for pitchers than the AL East.


Hey Zach,
Its been a while so I wanted to give you another question. Ha! Thoughts on Bailey keeping the closer role even after Hanrahan heals?

Rich D.

It’s possible, but today’s performance doesn’t help his cause. I think he’s still worth holding onto in 12-team mixed leagues though.


Chris Johnson is available…do you think he will get 1B eligibility this year? My 3b is Middlebrooks and CI is Moustakas…have only one back up to Howard at 1st with Smoak….would you replace any with Johnson…thx

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