Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 16

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals


McCarthy @ Nova – bench but don’t cut McCarthy… stuff is there, results will come

Doubront @ Jimenez

R. Hernandez @ Arrieta

Axelrod @ Johnson

Vargas @ Pelfrey

Peacock @ Griffin

Fister @ Harang

Westbrook @ J. Sanchez – Westbrook not “this good”, but on a roll, and great matchup

Kendrick @ Bailey – reverse the home/away and I’d start both

Haren @ Sanabia – if you can’t start Haren vs. the Marlins you shouldn’t have him on your roster

Zito @ W. Peralta – Zito has earned it, no?

Gee @ Nicasio  (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Laffey @ Francis  (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Marquis @ Capuano

Guthrie @ Medlen – Guthrie pitching well with Royals, but awful matchup

Holland @ Wood

***ZACH SAYS “I’d take a chance on Capuano for the K potential and favorable matchup. Agree on rest.”


With reyes down I’m stuck between drew and peralta. Since neither is good, which is the least worst option


I think you’re underestimating Peralta. He’ll give you decent pop and should drive in some runs hitting in a strong DET lineup. I’d easily take him over Drew.


Hey guys, reposting from before the weekend because I didn’t get a response: Should I send Peavy for Halladay? I have pretty strong top SP (even for H2H) in Strasburg, Lee, & Scherzer, and my depth is looking good with solid starts from Miley, Minor, and Estrada. I think I can afford the risk, but is it worth giving up a solid middle rotation guy (even with perpetual health risk…) in Peavy? Thanks!


I’d stand pat. Not totally convinced that Halladay will be a true upgrade over Peavy, and I think you would just be making a trade for the sake of making a trade.


Hey Zach,

Thanks for always responding. I have depth in my 1B position (Paul Konerko, Allen Craig, and Anthony Rizzo). What are your thoughts on trading Allen Craig for an injured Greinke? It’s a keeper league.

Thanks again,



Pass. Even if Greinke were healthy, I wouldn’t make that trade, especially in a keeper, where hitters should generally be valued higher than pitchers due to the long-term injury risk.


Hi Hey just curious about Chris Johnson who is available in my league…do you think he will gain 1st base eligibility? I have Howard at 1st with Smoak as my bck up…also have Middlebrooks and Moustakas at 3rd and CI….wondering if dropping one for him is advisable


Yeah, I’d choose Johnson over Smoak. And he will absolutely gain 1B eligibility being that he’ll be the Braves’ everyday 1B until Freeman returns, which probably won’t be for another two weeks.


I have CC Sabathia would you trade him for Cole Hamels?


Yes, but they’re so close in value that this sounds like another trade for the sake of making a trade. But the NL factor favors Hamels.


Is it time to panic yet for my 2 teams that have Moustakas?


Not yet, but I wouldn’t expect an AVG much higher than .255-.260. The power should come though.


Thoughts on Cingrani? Is he worth a pickup just for the 2 or 3 starts he would make with Cueto on the DL?


Depends on how desperate you are for an SP, but if it’s a matter of dropping a mediocre pitcher for him, sure why not!


411 Crew,
14 team, Roto, 7×7, 6 keeper mixed league. Have been offered Andrelton Simmons (pick 13), Matt Holliday (non keeper) and Josh Hamilton (non keeper) for McCutchen (pick 3) and Ellsbury (pick 4). This will help fill SS for Reyes, but I also have another trade which has been given the verbal confirmation for me to pick up Rollins for SS. I lost SBs with Reyes gone and will lose another 50+ with out McClutch and Ellsbury. My other outfileders are Trout, Stanton(will he be traded?), Chris Carter and Todd Frazier if needed. You say get POWER, projected numbers say this will easily do this.Should I push my luck a bit more for Middlebrooks to drop into the 3B and move Frazier to OF?

Or just pull the trigger, I like to push my luck first.

G from OZ


I’m not a big fan of that first trade. I think you’re taking on too much risk and more importantly giving up too much speed. I like the smaller scale idea of acquiring Rollins though. I still think he’s underrated.



My team has been hit early with injuries (Ortiz, A Ramirez, & Stanton. We only have 1 bench & 1 DL! Kipnis is available but don’t know if I can wait for him to turn it around. I was just going to find the hot streak & ride it.

Options are: J Lowrie, Carter, S Marte, or J Jay. I’m leaning towards Marte just cuz he’s producing and contributing in all categories right now.

In order to make the move I gotta give up Billingsley or Milone. Which one suggest I drop?

Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’d drop Milone for Marte but would really try to find a way to add Kipnis before someone else scoops him up.


Got Marte…in order to get kipnis I’d have to drop Billingsley or Iwakuma

Or Seager

Nope Seager is my only 3B…it’d have to be Altuve then!

I’d drop Billingsley for Kipnis. It’s just a matter of value, and if you don’t have a starting spot available for Kipnis, he’ll have trade value once he picks up his production.


With Matt Carpenter now eligible at 2B in my league, and on a hot streak, where does he rank among other 2Bs at this shallow position? He is currently my steady 3B.

10 team H2H 12×13 8 keeper league. Drafted Headley (89th overall), Rickie Weeks (112), Carpenter (252) as a Mon/Thurs player, and picked up Chisenhall to fill the empty bench spot vacated by Chase’s DL status. If things move forward as is, I foresee Headley at 3B, Carpenter at 2B, and Weeks riding the pine until he gets out of his funk. Do you agree?


To add… don’t need him at 1B or OF (the other positions he is eligible). I have Craig (K), Mauer (K), and Carlos Santana (K), Moss, and Matt Adams at 1B, and Braun (K), Ellsbury (K), Alex Gordon (92), Choo (109), Wil Myers when he’s called up (232).

Is it safe for me too drop Belt for Mujica? Ten team league, Belt is a bench player. Id like to add mujica until May(I have boggs), when hopefully the closer situation is finally played out.


In a 10-team league, I’m OK with that, as there’s always a finite number of saves available.



Not sold on Carpenter yet as anything more than a fill-in starter, but stick with your current alignment for now and let’s just see how things play out.


Cody Ross or Jason Kubel , ROS?
Thank you?


Assuming he comes off the DL fully healthy, Kubel. Higher HR/RBI upside, and being a lefty he’ll play a little more than Ross.


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