Pitch or Ditch Category Chart (4/16)

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Washington Nationals

Hey everyone,

The inaugural 2013 Pitch or Ditch category chart has arrived! Click on the link below to download the PDF.

POD Chart 4-16

A reminder as to how the chart works:

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers in the Majors into five groups: Aces, Grads (pitchers who should not be dropped and can be started almost all the time), Pitch or Ditch (guys who you should be picking up to start in favorable matchups but do not deserve a regular roster spot), DTMs (guys who we are fed up with and would not start under any circumstances for the time being) and Indifferents (guys who we don’t feel any ill-will towards but who just aren’t that good). Keep in mind that we’re basing this on a standard 12-team mixed league.

Feel free to post your questions and/or comments.



Thanks for the PoD charts. They’re always a big help. Since Milone is a PoD guy, would you drop him for a grad like Edwin Jackson?


ROS, I’d rather have Jackson than Milone, so I guess my answer is yes.


great chart. agree with everything except Maholm being pitch or ditch when he should be a grad at this point and Holland who is the oppositte (a grad when he should be pitch or ditch). think Wily Peralta may be a grad soon as well. Maybe after 2 good starts this week. we’ll see.

edwin jackson is clearly a PoD guy in a 12 team league. not any more valuable than someone off the waiver wire with a good matchup.

Hey Zach,
I already have Greinke and Garza on the DL and we only get one spot for DL. Hanrahan just went on the DL but he has to remain active since I don’t want to drop Greinke. I have 7 OFs. Would you be opposed to dropping Ben Revere to pick up Andrew Bailey in the interim? I have Paps, Rodney, and Reed as closers.
Rich D.


Unless you’re so strong in speed that you can afford losing Revere, I’d sit tight. You already have three strong closers, so that’s more than enough to hold you over until Hanrahan returns. You’re not exactly desperate for saves, even without Hanrahan.


With half my infield gone for a while (reyes and Hill) I’m looking for 2B help. Any sleepers you can recommend? Bonafacio just got dropped and I’m hoping I win the waiver claim, if not I’m screwed.


Not a whole lot out there. Getz is the only semi-attractive wire option in my 12-team mixed league but he’s nothing special. Your best bet might be to make a trade, especially since Reyes is out for an extended period of time.


Yeah, basically I’m screwed. Thanks Zach!.

Thanks for the chart…pretty desperate for saves and holding onto Axford for that reason but McCarthy is a Grad on the chart and a FA in my league. Thinking about picking him up and cutting Axford. Any reason to be holding to Axford at this point?


Depends on the rest of your closer situation but if you’re desperate for saves, you might as well just hold onto Axford for at least a couple more weeks unless there’s a legit saves source on the waiver wire. Although McCarthy is a grad and deserves a roster spot, that doesn’t mean that you need to pick him up if your rotation is already solid. The bottom line is that it mostly depends on your roster situation and the size of the league.


Joe Blanton needs to be in red!

Thanks for the chart, great for us weekly guys.

Weak at 3b with A Ramirez out, offered Middlebrooks for Cahill, take?


Sure, I’d go for that one.


Two quick questions for you: First, I didn’t see Garza on the list (likely because he is on the DL), where would he fall? Second, I have a trade on the table with me getting Roy Halladay and giving up Tim Hudson. I want to pull the trigger, but most of that is because I remember how good Halladay used to be and don’t know how good he is now. Thanks!


Whenever Garza comes back, he’ll definitely start out as a grad. Interesting trade offer. Hudson always seems to be underappreciated but I think it’s worth the gamble.


Big Barry’s invention is back!

Got a very keeperish trade offer that I need as many opinions on as possible. Been offered Jo-Fer (J Fernandez) for Profar in a league that I need quality pitching. Both are on our farms currently, I could promote Jo-Fer if I think he’ll stick the year in the bigs, and he’s sure been dominant so far so could help me right away! Should I be tempted to pull the trigger, or is Profar too good to lose long term?

Calling Zach, we need your advice bro!


We’re going to answer this question on today’s podcast so stay tuned.

Short answer: keep Profar.


Hey Zach,
What are your thoughts on Jesus Montero’s slow start? He has just been dropped in my 10t, h2h, mixed league but I already own Pierzynski and Wieters. I don’t really see the need to make a change here. Would you agree?
Thanks, bro.
Rich D.


Stand pat. No reason for you to pick him up.


Hey Zach,
De Aza, Marte, Jay, Markakis, D. Brown, Moss, Cain. If you had to choose 2 of these OF for ROS who would they be? 10 team H2H looking for all-around production.


Markakis is probably the safest but I’d personally go with Marte and Jay.



What do you think of this trade? Bucholtz for V Mart?



Make it…immediately!


Which? Evan Gattis, Mike Zunino or Travis d’Arnaud – 2013 vs long term. Thanks RingKings


Taking into account both 2013 and long-term, I’ll say Zunino.


Should I pick up hiroki Kuroda if so should I drop tim linecum or dan haren lmk thank

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