Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 17

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians


W. Davis @ Minor

Norris @ Colon – Norris pitching well but not a good road start (yet)

Miley @ Sabathia

Aceves @ Masterson – gotta roll with Masterson while he’s hot

S. Miller @ Burnett

Moore @ Tillman

Quintana @ Happ

Lannan @ Leake

Detwiler @ Nolasco – taking a shot on Nolasco while he’s hot

Grimm @ Villanueva

Hanson @ Worley – taking a shot on Hanson in the favorable matchup

Vogelsong @ Lohse

TBD (NYM) @ Garland

Scherzer @ King Felix – FWIW, The King’s velocity continues to drop…

Ross @ Kershaw


Stanton and Gallardo for Adrian Gonzalez and Jim Henderson. Keeper league. Who wins?


I wouldn’t make that trade. I’m an Adrian fan, but you’re selling too low on Stanton, especially since this is a keeper league.


Out of curiosity, what does FWIW stand for?

For what it’s worth.

I have Keppinger at 2B and Drew at MI…..would you trade Beltran or Dominic Brown for R Weeks if they are willing to give up…they have him on the bench and I have 7 OFs


I’m not a Weeks fan but I’m not opposed to you trading for him to get a 2B upgrade. That said, Brown’s health status is in question right now so his trade value is minimal for the time being, and Beltran seems like a bit too much to give up for Weeks.


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