Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 18

MLB: Spring Training-Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves


Ogando @ Samardzija
Cain @ Gallardo – stick with YoGa
Niese @ Garland – bench but don’t cut Niese in Coors
Verlander @ Iwakuma
Corbin @ Hughes – risk/reward to both, I’ll play it safe
Teheran @ Locke – good matchup for Teheran
Lester @ McAllister – I like McAllister but not the matchup
Wainwright @ Hamels
Price @ M. Gonzalez
Sale @ Dickey
J. Fernandez @ Cingrani


Speaking of yoga, I was thinking of offering Lynn and Masterson for him. Is that too much?


Nope. I’d make that trade in a second if I were you.


Currently using rutledge as my reyes replacement should I stick with him or pick up simmons or aybar when he gets healthy


I’d stick with Rutledge over Simmons for now, but I think Aybar might be your best long-term option, so if you have room to stash him, I’d pick up Aybar.


Got 1 more trying 2 get the jump on guys in my league looking 4 the double starters next week in deep competitive h2h pts league which is better 4 next week quintana who is home 4 cle n tb or Nolasco who is @min then home 4 Cubs Thanks again


I’ll say Nolasco (slightly better matchups and NL factor) but he’s burned me so many times over the years that I’m not overly confident about him either. But if I had to pick one, it would be Nolasco.


Ruiz or Jesus Montero ? Of course, plse give me your opinion starting when Ruiz is back from suspension.


Ruiz. He’s just safer in my opinion. More of a track record and less chance of totally flopping.


Hey Zach,
De Aza, Marte, Jay, Markakis, D. Brown, Moss, Cain. If you had to choose 2 of these OF for ROS who would they be? 10 team H2H looking for all-around production.


Just answered this on the previous post.


Hey Zach,
Yunel Escobar is my backup at SS to Cozart. I was thinking of dropping him and picking up either Mujica or Valverde. Are they worth going after? My reliver situation is strong but I could actually use one of them as a trade chip for a stronger backup SS.
Rich D.


Yeah, I’d definitely grab Mujica and drop Escobar.


You buying cozarts hot start. I have alcides escobar, i wouldnt drop hime but i would drop someone else. You think hes worth stashing on the bench. I would drop iannetta. (i could fly with one catcher)

H2H 12 team, ops and feilding % along with your basic 5, mixed


Not a huge fan of Cozart’s but if it means simply dropping a bench catcher I’m fine with that. Cozart could also have some trade value going forward considering the position he plays.


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