Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 19

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays


T. Hudson @ Wandy – playing it safe on Wandy off hamstring issue and vs. red-hot Braves offense

Ryu @ Hammel

J. Garcia @ Halladay – tough call on both for various reasons, but I’m going for it

Pettitte @ Morrow

Shields @ Buchholz – not buying Buchholz, but ride the wave

Slowey @ Latos

Anderson @ Cobb

Strasburg @ Harvey – appointment viewing

Saunders @ Darvish

Samardzija @ Estrada

Myers @ Harrell – still don’t trust Myers regardless of what he did last time

Worley @ Peavy

Kennedy @ Chacin – tough matchup for Kennedy, but I’ll take a shot

An. Sanchez @ Hanson – would’ve liked Hanson a lot better vs. the Twins

Volquez @ Bumgarner


Strasburg vs Harvey should be really good! Samardzija vs Estrada is an underrated matchup.


so as of now my offense is the only thing keeping me from last place. my pitching staff is the worst in my league and i dont know what to do.

i currently have Cain who continues to get rocked, Scherzer who has been my only bright spot then Gallardo who actually had a good game today and then Ogando who has been good but got rocked today. I picked up Detwiler and i have weaver and garza on the DL. this is a weekly roto league if that matters.just hold on and hope it turns around or startmaking moves? im at a loss here.



I wouldn’t panic yet.



Drop Kipnis for Lombardozzi?



Absolutely not!


Dude you gotta check earlier posts before responding to comments in new ones. I and others had comments all unresponded in the POD Chart thread. Anyway heres what I asked:

Big Barry’s invention is back!

Got a very keeperish trade offer that I need as many opinions on as possible. Been offered Jo-Fer (J Fernandez) for Profar in a league that I need quality pitching. Both are on our farms currently, I could promote Jo-Fer if I think he’ll stick the year in the bigs, and he’s sure been dominant so far so could help me right away! Should I be tempted to pull the trigger, or is Profar too good to lose long term?

See the PoD chart post…

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